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Are You H.O.T. At Work?


Do you like being helpful in your workplace? I think most of us do. But don’t you think your willingness to work shoulder-to-shoulder with others in accomplishing goals ………….. assisting in any way you can ………….. happens only as a result of our attitude?

As a leader, we exist to help the people who work with us. Unfortunately most of us don’t think that way. But don’t you think at the end of everything, you will feel good because you have the chance to positively impact someone’s life?

Then, what about being open? Being open is in how we feel or what our reaction is to a situation and not holding back from our people to retain a power position. It also means seeing things both as they really are  (as opposed to through the lens of fixed thought) and also how they could be.

However, being open does not necessarily mean never being closed. It mean being open by default and being in that state for most of the time. Being open is like living life with a sense of curiosity – where every moment is an opportunity for learning, where existing ideas, mental mindsets and beliefs are only temporary and flexible.

Trust is an important building block in any relationship. Without trust, your people won’t take you or your support seriously. They may think you are a great person, but just not one who knows how tough their jobs are or the way things really are. Thus, trust is an outcome of involvement.

Trust is a form of approval and when someone feels your approval, they will generally respond in a very positive way. And approval is one of the strongest motivator. It is more than being able to rely on each other and know each is there for the other.

If you have been in your job awhile, chances are you could have a tendency toward laxity, lethargy ………. towards routine. In such cases, “flexibility” will allow you to see change as a positive step, encourages creativity and an openness for diversity.

Indeed, being helpful, open and trusting could be a daunting challenge especially at our workplace. But it could also effectively relief the daily stress of hiding who we are. So why can’t we bring our ‘whole selves’ to work? Besides, being helpful, open and trusting breaks down barriers, strengthens our working relationships with others, promotes productivity and even contribute to our career advancement. So are you H.O.T. at work?

We Make Our Own Future

We share ourselves, the joy or fear,
of which the future life is made.
And fill the future atmosphere,
with sunshine or with shade.
The tissues of the life to be,
we weave with colors all our own.
And in the field of destiny,
We reap as we have sown.


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