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Your Truth, My Truth, The Truth.


“With lies you may get ahead,
but you can never go back.”

Truth is the opposite of lies. And is truth but what we believe to be truth?

To me truth is relative to one’s life experience. And I have always subscribe to the belief that truth continues to remain as individual as our version of reality – whatever that is.

What is happening around us is there are so many different people living around us. Thus, there are bound to be so many different ways others could possibly look at things. So absolute right and wrong could probably become doubtful and obscure.

While definite and subjective meanings will continue to exist for the purpose and meaning of what is deemed to be the truth, is there any absolute or real truth in a complex, ………………………. for the truth seeker?

Words when uttered are like feathers being blown all over and it is impossible to pick up every feather that is blown. By speaking truthfully I mean we should say what is true and not say what is not true. To speak without any intention to cause harm, cruelly and exaggerating.

Tell it like it is. No posturing. No pretense. No spin doctoring. No emotional attack. No assumption. No fear based language. And last but not least, do no harm because our words could either cause tremendous harm or have a healing effect to our loved ones.

You see, it is only when we can speak the truth, we are worthy of trust and the people around you feel cared for and safe. Telling the truth can be very refreshing even though it can be painful at the same time. And ultimately, whether it is your truth, my truth, the truth always prevails.



  1. Love this post Michael! the truth is so powerful… and more often than not hurts a lot more than lies, but it’s still best to tell it than lie.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Estrella,

    Welcome back and many thanks for your valued comment. Indeed, truth hurts but nothing is better than telling the truth – without any distortion, condemnation and incorrect assumption.

    Meanwhile, have a great day ahead. !!!

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