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Foster Forgiveness Instead.


To a great extent, our happiness very much depends on how well we manage our emotions and our relationships with other people. And all of us can choose to be in environments or around people that increase our probability of happiness.

I believe it begins with our decision to consciously choose attitudes and behaviors that leads us to happiness over our unhappiness. Andthe person who become the happiest and grow the most are those who passionately make truth and their own personal growth as their primary values in life.

Be mindful that our intention is the active desire and commitment for us to be happy. Consequently, this reduces the power of bad events from creating the bitterness and resentment in us. And one way to curtail such negative feeling is by fostering forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a virtue. Forgiveness is a gift that requires great strength. And it have the ability to create transformational changes in all of us. It is active and not passive. But most of the time, the nature of fostering forgiveness is often misunderstood and misinterpreted.

You see, the alternative to forgiveness is mulling over a transgression. This is a form of chronic stress. So avoid dwelling on your anger, hurt and desire for vengeance. As holding on to a grudge could seriously affect your physical and mental health one day.

I believe forgiveness is never weak, cowardly or a retreat. And forgiveness fosters healing too. Forgiveness reduces the anxiety, anger and depression in us. So why can’t we commit to putting our forgiveness into action?

Money can’t buy happiness. And more money brings very little extra happiness. In order for us to get more out of life, we only need to put more into it. Forgiveness is a bold choice especially for those with a peaceful heart. It is an emotion that cannot be generated, forced or controlled but which arises spontaneously only from within us.

When a hurtful word is uttered
Or an unkind deed is done
I must always remember
That I am not the only one
Who has ever been mistreated
Stepped upon or pushed aside
By another’s harmful action
Or selfish harmful pride.

The world is full of such people
Who purposely abuse
Who lie, cheat and slander
And manipulate and use
Anyone and everyone
Who gets in their way
Of success and fame or power
And no price is too big to pay ………..

Why can’t we foster forgiveness  as a way of life instead?


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