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Forgiveness Is A Choice.


“Anger makes you small,
while forgiveness forces you
to grow beyond what you were.”

Some of us believe if we let time pass, forgiveness will eventually happen. I beg to differ. I reckon when we wait until we feel like forgiving someone, it will never happen.

Forgiveness is a choice. And all of us can choose to forgive if that is what we want. The good news is choosing to forgive actually gives us back our emotional freedom and happiness. Choosing to forgive simply means we no longer wish to walk around carrying the baggage anymore – and that makes us wiser and stronger.

Besides, forgiveness is letting go the whole thing instead of carrying the bitterness and hatred which we don’t really need. You see, by doing so, we are not only freeing ourselves of baggage but at the same time enjoy the freedom to feel free again.

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act.
It is a permanent attitude.”

“To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee.”

“It takes one person to forgive,
it takes two persons to be reunited.”

“Never does the human soul appear so strong
as when it forgoes revenge, and dares forgive injury.”

“He who cannot forgive
breaks the bridge over which
he himself must pass.”

“The one who forgives ends the quarrel.”

To forgive is defined as giving up resentment against or the desire to punish; stop being angry with; and pardon.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer once said, “It takes much more courage, strength of character and inner conviction to forgive than it does to hang on to low-level energy.” Non-forgiveness will keep us in the struggle. Are you ready to allow pain and grief to tear you apart? The choice is yours ……………. but it will certainly be wise to forgive and best to forget.

Without forgiveness our lives will be governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation. And as long as we continue blaming anyone for everything, we are actually giving ourselves more power to creating more negative effects on our lives.

So are you getting swallowed up by your own  bitterness and hatred? Or is  it keeping you from getting what you really want out of life?

Well, the truth is to forgive is difficult. But it works. Forgiveness is choosing to let go, move on and favor the positive. I believe no one benefits from forgiveness more than the one who forgives – it actually helps us to make peace with our past – and to forgive is the key to our own happiness.

Some say, “Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.” As a matter of fact, when we choose to forgive, we are choosing to live in the present and the future instead of the past. And by doing so, we are actually releasing the burden of anger and pain in us. However, it does not necessarily mean to forget but it does mean to release ………………………. and move on.

Life is an adventure in forgiveness. And to forgive is a choice all of us can choose. I reckon we must make choices in supporting us moving forward in our lives. And choosing to forgive creates the freedom for us to create a new future beginning …………. so what are you choosing?



  1. Tomas says:

    Your wise words transform the pale picture outside into the sparkling lights and heals the heart. Forgiveness is welcome to love and it always blossoms with the gratitude.
    In concrete case, the forgiveness changed Tomas’ sketchbook to invitation to the most adventurous journey to inside world. I would greatly appreciate your visit. Hope you will enjoy my paintings and have a good time in art archives of Tomas Karkalas.

    • Michael says:

      Welcome back Tomas.

      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Indeed, I will make time to visit your blog as soon as I can get back ……….. in the near future.

      Best Wishes.

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