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Life Is Short Anyway.


Wants are something we would like to have. But are not necessary. Indeed, they will give us comfort and pleasure at the physical or mental level. But the problem arises when we strive for things beyond our means …………………….

The truth is all of us have desires and there is no way we can escape. Our desires and wants are never ending. And we are caught in the process of trying to amass as much as we can. Perhaps, the lesser our needs, our happiness quotient will keep increasing and that may keep some of us happier.

You see, each of us strives for happiness in one way or the other. And it still eludes many of us. So should we learn to renounce and enjoy? As they say; “There is a right time for every thing in life. And everything happens for a reason. So just go with the flow.

Happiness can mean different things to different people. For instance, for one it may mean being in a relationship whereas for someone else it may mean feeling you have the ability to handle what life throws at you.

I reckon, what distinguishes happy people from the unhappy is their attitude. And not due to your “Karma” as interpreted by some. As a matter of fact, there are several factors that will contribute towards our happiness. And it can be neatly summarized as Happiness = P + (5xE) + (3xH).

P represents our Personal Characteristics including our outlook in life, adaptability and resilience.

E stands for Existence and relates to our health, financial stability and friendships.

And H represents Higher Order needs and covers self-esteem, expectations, ambitions and our sense of humor.

Well, all of us do have control over our happiness. Although a proportion of that could be determined by our circumstances. And be mindful that sadness is a part of life. So it is possible to feel happy and sad at the same time.

I believe the first step to being happy is to stay “focus” on being happy. It is something we can work on. Happiness is influenced by the way we choose to think about ourselves and situations. And more importantly, happiness is not just an individual experience but is dependent on the happiness of others to whom individuals are connected directly and indirectly.

Life is a series of problems. The pursuit of happiness is not a solitary goal. We are connected and so is our joy. So don’t you think it would be nice just to enjoy our lives and stay happy because life is short anyway? And you may as well enjoy it.


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