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What Direction Are You Heading?


Why aren’t you and I happy, peaceful and vibrant with hope every single day of our lives?

Why aren’t you and I glowing with all the happiness, inner calm and hope that we desire and adore?

What’s stopping us?

Every day something somewhere is happening in our individual world. And if we allow it, it can dim those good feelings in us. Thus, don’t you think our circumstances can either lift us up or send us plunging into complete emotional darkness and even despair?

All that is happening around us all the time, be it matters pertaining to relationships, career, finance, making a living, making a home or making do with our unmet needs – say, broken dreams, letdowns, memories that hurt and so on ………….. have tremendous impact in our emotions. Thus, our circumstances can either produce the seeds of joy, triumph, or pain, sorrow and so forth.

I reckon where most of us went wrong is not that we allow circumstances to influence our emotional well-being. But, too often, the fact is, we allowed them to determine our emotional well-being.

Be mindful, we get into trouble when we get into the habit of drawing our peace, joy, hope, as well as our purpose, direction and motivation from our circumstances and nothing else. I like to view peace, joy and happiness as internal forces within each of us. And they gives us strength.

They determine our path. Get us moving and keep us on track. Help us embrace our world and even keep us on track. And there is no reason why we should relinquish these internal forces to external ones – some of which we can control but many of which we cannot.

If I may ask. “What direction are you heading?”

As for me, I like to think of our internal force; peace, joy and hope as our muscles – our emotional muscles.  I will not allow any of my limbs jerk around by anyone. Why should I allow my emotional muscles get jerked around by external circumstances over which I have limited or no control at all?



  1. Great article! We need to decide where we lay our focus each and every day. If we dwell on our circumstances, we begin to feel gloom and despair. When we focus on improving what we can and then helping others, our spirits will soar. I have begun writing to show others it is possible to heal from traumatic events. You discussed getting into trouble when we allow our circumstances to control us. Too often, this leads people into numbness and that feeling of concrete blocks on the shoulders. We need to reach out and remove those blocks of devestation from others, and in time, we also heal.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank You for your valued comment. I fully agree with your points. Thanks, once again. !!!

  3. This rings so true with something I read a while ago now on the Happiness project blog, and which is:
    we should act the way we want to feel.
    I’ve been consciously trying to act the way I want to feel and though I was skeptical about it at first, it’s helpful actually 🙂
    Everything we feel is a result of what we allow ourselves to feel. And if we’re consciously trying to stay happy, we might actually cheer ourselves up more quickly when we’re sad, and stay happy for longer.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks Estrella.

    Indeed, “Everything we feel is a result of what we allow ourselves to feel.” I like that. We have a choice.

    I hope each of us can make can make a choice, any choice without any external interference.

    Stay happy.

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