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Can Money Buy Love?


I stand to be corrected, but I reckon, love without money is difficult and money without love is useless.

The past weekend was simply great. Met up with some old friends at the Starbucks and after some brief exchange of seasonal greetings, our get-together began to liven up when Fred, looking a little upset that afternoon, asked us a tricky question.

“Hey, what do you fellows think, can money buy me love?”

You see, Fred, an engineer, in his early 40s, is a refined bachelor. He have been going steady with a young lady for some time. However, in the recent months, we were told the fire of love in them has been less intense and cold.

So, when Fred raised that question, all of us were dumbfounded. Like me, all those present at the get-together must have been thinking on their feet the same question. “How could I tactfully handle his question – without having to rub salt to his wound?”

After a brief silence, Julie, a teacher, looked at us before she turned towards Fred’s direction and confidently responded to his question with a big “Yes.” She then paused for a moment and said; “Money can buy love.”

Now, all of us were stunned by her response. Our eyes were focused at her and our ears were waiting for more …………………. More justifications from her in fact.

“Look, some businesses have proven that. Their sales are always at the peak during Valentine’s Day” Julie continued.

“Oh, what a brilliant and tactful answer to Fred’s question,” I said to myself.

At that point in time, from Fred’s body language, I could see that Fred is happy with what Julie had said and may have warmed his heart a little. Then, I noticed a grin of sadness from his face – probably Fred could have some regret – for not taking the initiative to rekindle his fire of love on Valentine’s Day.

By then, Nicholas, who operates a chain of fine dining restaurants in town chipped in; “I agree with Julie. I had a big jump in reservations on Valentine’s Day.” His remark seemed to open the floodgates,

Mary smilingly told us her chocolates and gifts were completely sold-off on that afternoon. And Alan’s wife, Jessica, who operates a florist shop next door confirmed she too enjoyed brisk business on Valentine’s Day.

Then, Frank threw in some jokes and got up to do his act; “I’ll buy you a diamond ring if it makes you feel alright. I’ll get you anything my friend it it makes you feels alright. Cause I don’t care to how much a money” and stopped right there.

Fred and the rest of us were already laughing out loud by then. Having cheered up our good friend, we sensed that its the opportune time to move into another topic.

Can money buy love? That was the question I have been asking myself on my way back after the get-together. Possible or simply not possible? Is there are any connection between money and love. What is your take on this? For a change, let’s have your views before I share with you my insight in my next post.

Have a great week ahead. !!!



  1. CuppySkully says:

    A very good thought-provoking question.

    I dont think money can buy love simple because you cannot fake love. You either love that person or you dont. But, however, money can indeed make the love-journey runs smoother.

    Think about it, you love this person so much and this person also loves you to death, but you scraping by to make ends meet each month. You dont have enough money to go out, no money for gas, no money for a meal at the corner’s diner. Sure, you’ll be okay for a month or two.. but after 3 or 4 months of doing this, arent you gonna be bored with eating at home and not going anywhere? Or feeling sad about not able to get person a worthy gift for their special days? These issues can affect the relationship in general after a while.

    The intentions of love are noble and they can exist without money at first, but without money..it’s difficult to get by or to nurture them.

  2. Michael says:

    Many thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Your comment, very well said. Bravo. !!!

    Thank You.

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