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My Take: Can Money Buy Love?


Frankly, there is no simple answer to this question. As to which side is right, I reckon, that depends on what kind of love, one is looking for. For instance, if one is looking for love from a soul mate, then it is unlikely to be bought by money.

To those who believes that money does increase their chance of love and love decreases their need for money, there’s a point there. Especially when one is so deeply in love initially – money can be of less significance. But, one will eventually realize with the lack of money for his basic needs, his love could also be at risk.

Money can help generate love – generating the circumstances that are favorable for love as well as inducing the loving feeling in us. Money can improve our bargaining position, our attraction factor – the pull factor. But don’t you think a lot more have to be addressed, in place and well synchronized before love can be meaningful?

Can money buy love? At least not the kind of love I cherish. Love is priceless.  Now, having said that, I must admit money could lead us to love – as love is something that is hardly disconnected from reality.

In this day and age, money can help us find love. But, don’t you think we have to be mindful what we can expect and cannot expect from it?  As a matter of fact, more money can possibly lead to more stress and less effective in bringing us the kind of love we want.

On the other hand, love without money is difficult. I dread to think about it. It can be equally stressful as well. Consider the following frequently expressed statement; “Oh, it’s so difficult to love you when you’re earning so much less than me.” Or, “So much less than my good friend’s husband” and so forth.

Lastly, Richard Friedman once said; “Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail.” Can money buy love? I reckon, we should give from our heart and not our pocket. The crux of the matter is; give love to the people around you as it is in giving we receive. It works. Yes, even in this day and age – where we can mail order a wife or a husband, pick up our phone and rent-a-date and so the list of options goes.

Have a wonderful day. !!!



  1. I liked your take on this, Michael, especially this last part where you said “I reckon, we should give from our heart and not our pocket. The crux of the matter is; give love to the people around you as it is in giving we receive. ”
    That is so true!
    I’ve chosen to embarked on a journey of a year of loving fearlessly in 2011. From the very second I’ve decided on this, love has found its way into my life with so much more mindfulness than before – it made me more aware of my love giving actions and of the love giving actions of others.
    Even though what I just wrote didn’t apply to romantic love, I think learning to honestly love a friend, family member, a pet is the first step towards realizing how much having true love in our lives matters. It’s crucial to realizing how financial backgrounds shouldn’t matter and how we’ll become more open to people – making it easier to find that one person who won’t mind if we don’t have a bank card, and appreciate them so much more.

  2. Michael says:

    Hey Estrella,

    I reckon your comment today, will certainly warm and inspire the hearts of those who had visited “Straight Talking.com today. That is precisely the point I wish to convey and you had validated for me.

    Thank You for visiting. !!!

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