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Have The Will?


Many of us gives up too easily especially when things do not go our way or when we face adversity. You see, instead of persevering, very often, we give up, get discouraged and look for reasons or excuses to justify our decision.

But, don’t you think we have to be more determined than that?

Indeed, I do agree our circumstances in life may occasionally knock us down, but must we stay down for long and for some, even for the rest of their lives?

I reckon, to many people, mediocrity is the norm. They want to do as little as they possibly can and still get by. The truth of the matter is, we can live our best life now, we have to act on our will and not on our emotions. And don’t allow yourself to wave the white flag.

There are times we may have to take a step or two backward in order to move forward later. And, there are times we may have to take steps of faith even when we are hurting, grieving or still reeling from an attack by others. Be mindful. it will take a lot of courage and determination but what effectively drives us is, if only we decide to do so.

Do you have the will?


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