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Thoughts To Remember As We … (4).


Are you aware that we become what we believe?

You see, what we believe has a much greater impact on our lives than what anybody else believes. I believe our deep seated self estimates is the fuel that drives us. And our success isn’t an issue of what we know. Rather, it is the result of who we are.

So choose to differentiate yourself. By doing so, you could possibly see the world through positive attitudes based on abundance, gratitude, prosperity and so forth ………………..

“The only thing we cannot get rid of by losing it, is our temper.”

“Failure is a great teacher because it makes us want to win.”

“While we would love to say “yes” to everyone, it’s just not possible if we want to have balance and happiness in my life.”

“The success of any human endeavor is accomplished when we put in our head-work, heart-work and hard-work.”

“Our dreams will remain as dreams, until we do something positive about it.”

“There are no ugly people. Only those who are ignorant on how to feel, think and look beautiful.”

“We fly highest against the wind.”

“Getting ahead in the human race, is like running a marathon. Some run fast. While others set a slow pace. But most sprinters become race quitters.”

Have a dream and go for it. !!! 


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