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Up And Moving.


Like some people I had acquainted with over the years, do you happen to be a prisoner of your past? As a matter of fact, even in this age of smartphones and I-pads, we are living in a world where people just love to give excuses.

I mean blaming and giving all kinds of excuses in order to justify who they are and where they are today. And there are even some who had lived so long in self-pity that it has even become a part of their identity.

As I had often mentioned in my earlier postings; “All of us had negative things happened to us.” But, if you really want to live your dreams, you simply cannot allow your past poison you. You must quit looking backward in order to keep moving and going forward again.

You must let go of your excuses and stop feeling sorry for yourself any longer. I believe it’s time that you allow your past emotional wounds to heal at soonest possible. Perhaps, today can be a new beginning, a turning point in your life if you choose to let go, get up and move again.

Have a dream, get up and move again. !!!


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