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Have A Dream Again.


Of late, there has been a shift in attitudes towards ageing. I see more people are behaving as if they will never grow old. While there are some who said, “Their best years has yet to come.”

Today, ageing is much more than just staying physically healthy. Ageing is about continually reinventing yourself, finding new things you enjoy, learning to adapt to change and feeling and working on the connection you have with your loved ones, family, friends and community.

Furthermore, it is about maintaining our sense of purpose and our zest for life. As a matter of fact, seniors today are much stronger and resilient than we may think. They are continuously keeping their brain active, maintaining their creativity and are enthusiastically engaged in search of new meaning and joy in life.

A senior whom I got acquainted with in my morning jog, recently shared his philosophy with me as we watched sunrise last week. “I am what I think. And if I think I am young, I can be young at heart at any age.”

“Life is a journey and not a destination. Enjoy it. Learn to  balance your life by taking care of the inside and out. Ageing is an inevitable process in the humankind. However, becoming ‘ancient’ is not. So you have to watch your thoughts” he laughed.

I agree with what my fellow jogger had said. Generally, those who are young at heart have a very positive outlook. And if you had noticed, most of them have a pleased face – which is always a younger looking face.

Besides, I reckon showing appreciation towards others for what they do for themselves and others will always make us and others feel good. And last but not least, our ability to share or help others in any way we can, will certainly contribute to making life more meaningful as well.

What are you waiting for? “Have A Dream” and live that dream vigorously again. You see, in addition to shaving off some of your feel age, helping you to stay physically active, healthy and so forth, it is definite you will enjoy finding new meaning and joy in living. As life is a journey and not a destination, ………………………………………….. “Have A Dream Again” and I will be seeing another pleased face soon.


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