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Find Strength Through Adversity.


Pain, unfortunately is an inexcusable part of being human ………………

No matter how well we think we know a person, we cannot really understand what he or she is feeling unless we have gone through those same experiences and circumstances.

From hindsight, our circumstances in life had indeed very often knocked us down. The question is, should we remain staying down, …………………. and even for the rest of our lives?

I reckon our self-image is very much like a self-portrait. It is who and what we picture ourselves to be. Indeed, it may or may not be an accurate reflection of what we really are. But how we feel will certainly have tremendous impact on the person we become.

An important thing which all of us can do is to see, hear and respond with the sense of the heart. To acknowledge and validate those feelings. Then, encourage the person to take heart and build up again

If you are like many others who seem to accept mediocrity as the norm and want to do as little as you possibly can and still get by. The sad truth is you will barely get by and never rise above the image you have of yourself in your mind.

Indeed, many end up going through life with low self-esteem. They choose to focus on the negative, gives up too easily when things do not go their way or when they face adversity. Instead of persevering and finding the courage to fix the obstacles they face, they are more comfortable with doing just the opposite.

I challenge you to find strength through adversity. I challenge you to develop a healthy self-image of yourself and become the best you can be. To do that, you will have to get rid of the negative perceptions of yourself. And start seeing yourself doing more, enjoying more and being more.

Be mindful, all of us can live our best life now. The first step is to get into action. And never wave the white flag again. Indeed, it takes a lot of courage, perseverance and determination but what effectively drives us is, if only you decide to.

Remember, the important thing is to find our strength through adversity.


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