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What Are You Waiting For?


It has always been painful for me to see others going through life with low self-esteem, feeling inferior and inadequate. Always focusing on the negative and harping on reasons why they just cannot be as happy as others.

The cold truth is, there aren’t anything  else that you amd me could possibly do about our past. But, the good news is, today can always be a new beginning. You see, today is the only day we have and we can choose to live our full potential right now. What are you waiting for?

Many happy, successful and fulfilled individuals have learned to live their lives now. They make the most of the present moment and new opportunities to enhance their future. And, you can too. Yes, no matter where you are and what challenges you are facing you can choose to start and enjoy your life again.

While some people grab life with enthusiasm and take control of their future, there are also those who choose to postpone taking action or just do the exact opposite. Why is that and what are you waiting for?

I reckon the future is yours for the taking. Quit being uptight and stressed out. Start aiming for excellence in whatever you do. And rise above your circumstances.

Take immediate positive action to break away from the mental cobwebs inside you. Let go of your past. Find strength through adversity. Happiness is a decision you make and not an emotion you feel. And today can be a new beginning to live your fullest potential again, if you so decide. What are you waiting for?


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