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Act Young, Feel Young, Stay Young.


Staying young is often a state of mind that defies measurement. Thus, acting your age is a thing of the past. As the meaning of age has become so elusive that visual clues are no longer trustworthy.

To begin with, seniors today are much stronger and resilient than we may think. And more are behaving as if they will never grow old. While some firmly believes, the best years of their life have yet to come.

You see, the rules of age related behavior that were drummed into us in the past, no longer hold sway today. There is definitely a positive shift in attitudes. Today, it is about constantly reinventing yourself, finding new things you love doing, adapting to change and feeling the connection you have with your loved ones, family, friends and community.

Charles, a senior citizen and a popular jogger in my community, who wears his signature round necks with large prints; “I refuse to get old.” in his morning jogs said; “I think we must keep going while we can, doing what we like. Some are adopting children at 49 and 50 years young.”

“Becoming first time dad at 62 and so on. I am what I think. And if I think I am young, I can be young at heart at any age. Rarely you see people asking themselves today; if their behavior is age appropriate because that concept has little meaning for them”

“I see life as a journey and not a destination. Enjoy it while you can. Indeed, ageing is an inevitable process in the humankind. However, becoming ‘ancient’ is not an option as Charles got onto his mountain bike and cycled away as he whistle Sir Cliff Richard’s; “The Young Ones.”

As a matter of fact, today, ageing is far more than just staying healthy inside out. It is about transforming perceptions. Showing what older people can do and showing others what they can be. Coupled with the fact that life spans have lengthened and thinking allowed, ageless living may not be too far away. What are you waiting for? “Have A Dream” and live that dream of yours as vigorously as you can. Age is just a number. And if you don’t mind, it doesn’t really matter. Live a satisfying life, ……………………  Act Young, Feel Young, Stay Young. !!!



  1. I agree.

    I think the key is to also have younger friends, who you really connect with. By that I mean men and women, single and married, who are 10 to 30 years younger. Their perspectives will keep you grounded in what’s happening culturally now (if you’re working or need to) and remind you how much better (in some ways) it is to have a few decades’ experience.

    I turn 54 in a month and people routinely guess my age at 40 or younger. It’s partly my appearance but also much more my energy, curiosity and willingness to try fun things. My Dad, at 81, starts work on a new documentary this week. Nothing like a good role model!

  2. Michael says:

    Thank You.

    You have highlighted a very important point indeed. I fully agree that connecting with those who are 10 to 30 years younger is necessary to keep us stay relevant. Moreover, life will then be even more meaningful, satisfying and last but not least joyful.

    Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to wish you “Happy Birthday” in advance. And to your dad, “Every success in his new endeavor.”

    Thanks once again.

  3. jessbarz says:

    I love spending time with people who are older than me. I think they have so much to offer the world and so many of them are great people that truly do act 50 years young. I always think of my Grandma and how she would run races in her 50’s and today, in her 70’s, she still tries to do a little running when she can. I think you are only as old as you feel. Great post!

  4. Michael says:

    “Thank You” jessbarz. I fully agree with you – “We are only as old as we feel.” Great comment. !!! I love that.

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