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What Drives You?


Time has a way of whizzing by. As I look back at some of  my earlier photographs on this extremely cold evening, it rekindled the nostalgic feeling inside me.

Perhaps, to many people, being mediocre is acceptable and the norm. They want to do as little as they possibly can and still get by. But, the truth of the matter is, if you were to live your best life now, you have to act on your will.

Conscious change is brought about by attention and intention. You see, whatever we put our intention on will grow stronger in our lives. And intention on the other hand, triggers the transformation of energy and information.

Thus, attention energizes and intention transforms. Our intentions are for the future. But, our attention is for the present. And as long as our attention is anchored in the present, our intentions for the future is created in the present.

I believe what effectively drives us is, “if only you decide to do so.” I believe time is always with the people who have courage to fly, excel and not with the those who choose to stand and watch the sky.

Orison Swett Marden was once quoted as saying; “Success is not measured by what we accomplished but by the opposition we have encountered and the courage with which we have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”

Circumstances in life may have occasionally knocked us down but must we stay down that long? And for some, even for the rest of their lives? But, to change for the better requires a lot of courage and determination. Do you have that? You must accept the past or present and intend the future. You see, what drives us is the real power. As our future is something that we create through our most cherished intentions and desires. Have A Dream ………………….


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