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Make Your Life A Masterpiece.


Someone once say, “If age is a coat of many colors, attitude is what determines the color of the coat will be.” A positive attitude is the color of life: vibrant magenta, rich vermillion and emerald green. While a negative attitude drapes you in the hues of death and loneliness: black, ash gray and muddy brown.

Our attitude is how we respond to and explain the events, people, and turns of fortune that life throws our way every day. We can choose to look backwards and relive our past failures, hurts and missed opportunities. Or, we can choose to learn from the past and look ahead to the adventure and possibilities that lie in our future.

Backward or forward, that choice is yours. Remember, how we choose to explain the events of life determines our attitude towards life and in turn the quality of that life. Thus, my acronym for ATTITUDE has always been;

A – All
T – The
T – Things
I – I
D – Do
U – Unite
D – Day’s
E – Events.

Be mindful, our attitude affects the outcome. Positive attitudes are motivating and empowering while negative attitudes drives people away, makes us quit at the first sign of difficulty. It convince us that such things and tasks are beyond our abilities.

Thus, our attitude is a habit. You either choose to perceive as a victim of a specific target, a victim of the whole world or as the recipient of not of any specific malice, but of random chance or even misunderstanding.

It is when you live at full volume, in full color, living with the maximum delight and accomplishment, you are living life as intended to. I believe living with pleasure and joy is one of the purposes of living life. The good news is you can make your life a masterpiece and it begins with you, “Have A Dream.”.


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