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Hold On To It.


Time have a way of whizzing by and we are now in the second half of 2011 already. It has always been amazing to me how people will hang on to what is comfortable rather than letting go and going after what really excites them.

All of us dream. But, why do so many of us hide from our dreams? You see, who is going to do it for you if you do not do it for yourself? How do you know you cannot do it if you do not attempt to do so?

All of us have abilities and talents and we have to work on developing them and to push ourselves as far as we can go. What are your limits? Have you tested them lately? Be mindful, the people who made it in life are the people who decide to be unstoppable.

I believe until we risk giving up what we have right now, we will never know what we might have if only we had pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone. I believe we are all born unique. But, the majority of people die as copies. I believe we have to constantly push ourselves at the outer edges of life because we never know when life might give a little and open up a new message for us. Last but not least, I believe, “Life is a gift. Hold on to it. No matter what.”          

Have A Dream. !!!


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