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Do Not Fear Life.


You see, if we spend so much of our lives clinging to what is comfortable and secure, we may possibly one day regret not testing our talents against the world.

I believe when we choose to take shelter from life, we often risk numbing ourselves to it or even to the extent of deadening our heart and mind. I believe we cannot allow tough and challenging times or any misfortune to permanently disable us. We have to take risks and challenge life in order to live life fully.

Indeed, very often that require us to sacrifice. Be mindful, in spite of all the legs that it has, the caterpillar cannot crawl fast enough to fly. It has to give up those legs during its metamorphosis in order to fly.

What do you have to give up in order to fly?

Remember we have a choice to let fear and tough times to dominate us, or we can allow ourselves to see them as temporary setbacks. I believe it is by far much healthier if we take negative things that happen and isolate them. I mean, can you let something bad in one aspect of your life  affect all of your affairs?

Be mindful; differing views and approaches to life could have an impact on our quality of life. I believe a person who sees life in positive terms is much more willing to take life on in a dynamic way. Coupled with our power of choice – to choose our responses to tough times, to failure and defeat, I think all of us should not let anything negative have its way with us. Fear death if you want but do not fear life ………………………………… “Have A Dream.”


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