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Don’t Sweat, Notice It.


Remember the way you react when you are angry? Your heart races, your pulse quickens, you become agitated and all you could see in your mind’s eyes is only what ticked you off. And most probably, from deep within you comes the urge to launch an attack.

Do you think you can control the thoughts that comes into your mind ? I believe we cannot always do that. Indeed, most of the time, it is natural for us to be emotionally down after taking a hit from life. But the good news is, we can always control the thoughts that we dwell on.

Just as Shakespeare had once said; “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” I believe if your thinking is colored by sadness, then, you will feel sad. Thus, we have the power to choose or monitor our thoughts and eliminate those that drag us down.

Indeed, in tough and challenging times, it is not uncommon to find the life of many get stucked and stalled. But, on the other hand, it can be propelled as well. So it depends on whether you allow negative thoughts and emotions to dominate your actions or whether you control your thoughts and actions in spite of your emotions.

As I conclude my brief post for the day, please note that a lot of times, the things that we experience as stressful are just some ongoing properties of life. I believe in moments of extreme stress, our body’s focus narrows, concentrating all of it’s attention and body’s systems on the stressor. Every critical aspect of the human machine is primed to run, leap, swim or whatever is necessary for us to survive. Don’t Sweat, Notice It – we have an amazing ‘survival’ response built within each of us and have another great week.



  1. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    Oh how Love your blog. The colors and layout is so very well organized. Anger is an emotion that I think is a sign, first to count to 10 and calm down. But I see sooo many people angry these days, more than 10 years ago. I think the economic times are hard and the stress if higher. We can choose to not let others moods to affect us. Great article.

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