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Just Get Into It.


All of us carry an inner drive which fires and feeds our desire for spiritual and mental growth. But growth often comes with challenge. The good news I believe is, life is fairly even handed in its “no pain, no gain” concept.

Far too many people are intimidated by change.  They just do enough to get by. They spend so much of their time warming their seats, rather than on their toes. If I may add, playing it safe could be playing it stupid. Consequently, many people are eliminated by change that way.

You see, dynamic people always have something going on in their lives. They don’t live out of their memories. Instead, they live out of their imaginations. They are unafraid to face their fears or the pain of growth. And they enthusiastically look forward to each day with a new challenge and a new way to grow.

I was in a hypermarket one morning to buy some groceries. Soon I was on my way to the car park and finally got into my car. But my car refused to start that morning. The battery was flat. I got into the hypermarket again to look for assistance.

Fortunately, I saw a few young men hanging at the canteen. I related to them the predicament I was in. They got up and followed me to my car, cranked the engine but it was not responding. They pushed my car out of the parking lot. Drove their car in front and with a pair of jumpers they successfully jump started my car.

The good news is you can jump start your life as well. I believe if you like and decide to do something more with your life; you can go after what you want in your life. I believe if you “Have A Dream,” you can jump start your life today by first getting off your “buts” and go after your wants. Don’t just talk about it. Don’t just look for reasons why you can’t do it. Just get into it.


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