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Get Started Again.


Sometimes we find ourselves in periods of frustration and disappointment when our problems seem insurmountable. As a matter of fact, many people just do not choose to exhaust or eliminate all possibilities for themselves but instead prefer to give up too early in the fight.

The sad truth is, they opt to suffer in silence, cut themselves off from joy as they struggle under the load, take the escape route and look for something to justify why they haven’t done what they wanted to do.

The good news is, if you chose not give up in difficult and challenging times, if you keep your spirits up and relentlessly looking for ways to pull it out, sooner or later blessings will come your way. I always believe our greatest challenge is to overcome our self-defeating thoughts and to keep going.

Are you willing to burn the midnight oil, walk the extra mile or do whatever it requires to reach your dream?

You see, if you knock on the door of opportunity long enough and hard enough, I believe somebody is going to answer. Likewise, life will eventually give you what you want if you keep coming back, willing to do the work, devote the energy and explore every avenue.

Failure is only an illusion. Setbacks are an opportunity for learning. They are only temporary detours on the road to your goals in life. Thus, if you stay focus on your goals in life, keeping the energy positive and keep coming back again and again after your dream, I am convinced you can effectively accomplish nearly anything you set out to do.

Be mindful, a dream becomes a goal the moment positive action is taken and the risk of action is accepted A race does not begin until someone leaves the starting blocks. And from that point on, competence, commitment and determination are the factors contributing to the quality of success. As long as you do not accept momentarily defeats, you will be what you want to or choose to; if you go about doing the right thing for yourself. Get started again and get into action now. !!!



  1. Harnew says:

    I clicked on this post the moment I seen the word frustration. I am in a world of it right now. I am so ambitious yet so impatience. Feels like i’m falling apart. I hope my self defeating thoughts don’t destroy me

  2. Michael says:

    “Thank You.” I love your comment.

    As long as you are able to recognize what your self-defeating thoughts are, I am certain you won’t be affected by them in anyway. Your most effective tool is not to resign or retire from anything but “re-fire” yourself to reach greater heights in life.

    Thanks for visiting and have a great day ahead. !!!

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