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The Joy Is In The Journey.


I was in the middle of my Japanese buffet dinner at Shogun last Sunday when I overheard an elderly man telling a woman sitting next to him; “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” There was a long silence, then the woman smiled and said; “Forget it. Not only an old dog can learn new tricks, circumstances and the change we see today demand the learning of new tricks.”

I reckon anyone who neglects thinking ahead is not looking out for his or her own best interest. Those who are over the hill because of age are those who have chosen to be that way. Get the word “old” out of your vocabulary. Don’t dwell on the aches and pain. Instead, recognize that your body needs a little more attention and maintenance, but don’t morbid about it.

The only way to get where you are going is to take the next step. No one can take the step for you. I believe excitement generates energy and is fundamental to revitalization. Set new goals and get excited about achieving them. Get into some new activities. Or, follow up on a long disregarded dream.

The crux of the matter is, often small steps lead to great strides. I always believe it is not the distance you go that is important so much as the going itself. You see, the amazing thing is, when you take control of your own life, it responds. The joy, you know, is in the journey. Have a great day. !!!


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