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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.


How many of us have left a job, a school or a business partnership because we no longer want to cope with all the hassle and frustration?

And there are even some of us who may have quit his or her place of residence, neighborhood, or city because someone there had made us unhappy.

Indeed, sometimes there are legitimate reasons for leaving a situation. But, don’t you think we need to carefully search our hearts to determine what those underlying reasons are because at times it boils down to our own comfort and selfish desires?

I believe people cannot change until they are willing to change.

Your capacity to coping with change is solely based on your willingness to learn and grow. How you handle yourself in the future is your responsibility. The good news is, this process of self-renewal will offer you tremendous meaning and joy in the years ahead.

Winners do what they need to do to get the job done. Action is the catalyst that turns your dream into reality. The time to begin taking positive action is today. And tomorrow, and tomorrow and every day thereafter.

Have a great week. !!!


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