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Focus On Solutions, Not Problems.


“There are three things that terrify any man: climbing a building that’s leaning towards you, trying to kiss a woman who’s leaning away from you and ……………… giving a speech in public.”
– Winston Churchill.

Our success is always consistent with our internal beliefs about what we think we are. I believe what we consistently believe, strive for and fight or defend is indeed possible for us to achieve. And, nothing can make us less except our own thinking.

Unfortunately, the cold truth is, we tend to focus a lot of our time on the negative and allow fear to cause momentarily disconnection and insanity when we feel, think and believe we are in every way less than others.

Many of us never know the full range of our potential. You see, we often limit ourselves when it comes to discovering and exploring our unlimited potentials.

I reckon you will have to understand yourself before you can understand the rest of the world around you. And the sooner you know and accept yourself, you can then move into committing to the life and dreams that most appeal to you.

If I may ask, “What is ever accomplished by worrying about what might happen?” So stop fretting, focus on solutions, not problems and the rest will become clear ………………. Wishing is about dreaming to take action. Wanting is making a decision and taking action. Willingness is giving yourself permission to achieve your dreams – it opens the door for motivation.

I reckon how we see ourselves will attract the kind of people we want to attract into your lives. You see, insight without action is simply a pastime. And dreams cannot be attained until our positive thoughts are consistently translated into positive action …………………….. Have a great weekend. !!!


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