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Break Free.


Possibility and Impossibility are only concepts in our personal belief system.

All of us have our unique goals and dreams. But, dreams do not become reality until plans have been made, goals set, desires established, priorities decided on and a commitment to transition made – all followed by positive action.

There is nothing wrong with getting by. Some people are happy getting by and live a rich life in many ways. On the other hand, there are many by their nature and circumstances, are compelled to dream beyond the personal realm.

To dream fervently and not make those dreams come true is to foster frustration. Indeed, there will always be defeats and failures. There will always be temptations to sell out. I mean, some people sell out to fear, some sell out to laziness and a life of mediocrity.

Last but not least, there are those who sell out to remain in their comfort zone, unwilling to change, improve and learn new things in order to move ahead in life. Unfortunately, they are more comfortable with getting by than with the process of getting more. Be mindful, the price of selling out is always too high to pay.

Whenever you think the odds against you are over powering think about Nelson Mandela. If Nelson Mandela can go from prisoner to president by staying within his value system in the face of his powerful enemies, surely we can stand by the things we believe in during challenging and difficult times in our lives. You see, by holding to your values or beliefs, you are actually maintaining a balance in your life and you will find the strength to endure and persevere. So break free.


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