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Success Starts With PAPA.


PAPA: Positive Attitude Positive Action. 

I believe positive attitude is where change and success begin. And through our positive actions we are actually connected to a life that get us moving towards the directions that makes life worth living. Thus, when positive attitude is not supported by any positive action it is a little more than wishing.

Change can be difficult. But certainly not an impossible task. Admittedly, the main risk of change is the possibility of failure. But failure is never final. It is a temporary condition and it is not real unless you make it real.

I reckon the only reality is how you respond or react to it that will either make you better or bitter. So do not allow the risk of failure to discourage you. Be mindful, the important step to become all that you can be is to tackle the attitude barrier.

Many people are conditioned to think that boundaries limit them. They like to eliminate possibilities for themselves. But, on the other hand, I have also noticed many who did very well in life by thinking out of the box and tackling hard times head on.

As a matter  of fact, it is amazing to see them finding positive messages in negative experiences and hope in every desperate situation. To them, no condition is permanent. So don’t get fenced unnecessarily.

Success starts from doing the best with whatever you are involved with right now. You are always greater than your circumstances and anything that could ever happen to you. Indeed, things may happen around you and things may happen to you but the only things that really count are things that happen in you.

I believe you are going to make it against all odds if you choose to control but not be constrained and when you are using your talents, energies and knowledge to the fullest extent possible. Remember, success starts with positive attitude positive action.


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