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Cleaning Up Create New Directions.


To create new directions for ourselves we need to clean up the junks and cobwebs in our mind. Junks can take many forms but the worst is when it causes self-destructive behavior in us. Thus, there is a need for us to identify and dismiss such negative beliefs and phobias and reprogram our mind with positive beliefs from time to time.

Our ability to manage our mind is what makes the difference between poor, mediocre and what we often term as ‘peak’ performance. You may see, cleaning up is done in the interest of ‘unlearning.’ While reprograming is done in the interest of ‘relearning.’

If I may ask, “When was the last time you rethink, clean up, updated and finally got the clarity in some of the major events in your life?”

The clarity of mind is the requisite to the full use of our mental power. It represents our fullest potential for problem solving and decision making. This new force of energy is young and has great vitality.

However, your biggest hurdle to cleaning up your mind of harmful negative experiences and phobias is the self-realization that must precede the clearing. You must be able to admit to your fears. And once there is no more fear everything that is negative is eliminated.

On the other hand, I am a firm believer of affirmations. I believe our self-esteem arise from our positive thoughts and affirmations. It make us comfortable and feel good. And it effectively cleans up the junk and mental cobweb that is inside us.

Unless you make a conscious effort to regularly clean up those mental junk that had built up over time, there will eventually come a moment when you will find your energy sphere become so badly weakened and damaged by it.

Throw all the phobias that scared you and create new directions for yourself, the sooner the better. Be mindful, ‘clarity’ is when you can only feel good, when you know what you are doing and knowing what your commitments are, will certainly help you create better choices and new decisions.


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