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You Only Live Once.


“Depending on how a man lives, he may die old at forty or young at eighty.”

Say you reach a milestone in your life called “retirement.” You find yourself suddenly engage in looking for answers as to, “What am I going to do now that I am in my golden years?” Indeed, to many of us, retirement is a difficult transition and it is when reality hits us badly.

Then, there is this big shift in our attitude. The sudden loss of identity. The fear of ageing keeps pounding at us more often than ever and in many cases it even rob our lives of any meaning.

In hindsight, I think retirement does not necessarily have to be a time when we just allow our mind and body go idle. As a matter of fact, many people discover life actually begins after retirement and for some lucky ones, there is this second prime to enjoy.

I think when we reach the end of our work life, this is the time for us to rethink our goals. Forget for a moment what you did for a living? Instead, re-frame that thinking and consider; “What you might have done if you did not have to earn a living?”

You see, you are now more at ease, relax, smiling a little and feeling better even though you have reach the end of your work life. I believe youth and age are not dates in time. But, a state of mind. If I may ask, “What is the point of being young and having a short life?” And, “Are we in any way going to live our lives short?”

A recent research revealed that personal qualities such as; Hope, Zest, Gratitude, Curiosity and Love have the greatest ability to impact anyone’s life. And the more strongly one is identified with these qualities, the greater the life satisfaction will be.

Forget about your age. I believe people need purpose. We need something that gives us a reason to get up in the morning and let us feel at the end of the day we have used our time wisely. So set out with your retirement objectives. Find something meaningful that challenge you and make you feel needed. Remember, “The wise man never grows old, but ripens.”

You see, retirement can be a great, new beginning for you. You can still remain active, stay creative and get online if you are not.  I notice many creative individuals tend to be passionate and communicative. Don’t just do the ‘old’ things; try and explore new things and new ways that are supposedly only for the young. Remember, your only limits are self-imposed.

There are hundreds of ways you can live your life after retirement. It may be going after your dreams and making them a reality. But, the bottom line is, you really need to be clear what you want? And, “Is there anything holding you back?” I believe we can continue to dream big dreams after we reach the end of our work life. All that is needed is to plan. Be happy. And, make the decision. Let’s face it; “You Only Live Once.”


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