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Stay Fit.


When was the last time you watched children at play?

I had the privilege and pleasure of watching some children played last weekend at a park nearby. In just a few minutes, I saw them going through a wide range of physical movements such as running, jumping, sitting, lying on their stomachs, side, back, squatting and so the list goes on.

What I found amazing was they achieved those movements with no apparent effort and discomfort. Then, I suddenly recalled when I was a kid, I had boundless energy and a body I had taken for granted. I would run all day, jump over fences, climb trees and generally did all the things any young child would do without any thought about their body.

You see, at that age, I neither entertained the thought nor believe one day my body could be stiff as it is today. My stamina not last as long and always revolve around a litany of moans and groans these days. In that state of mind, I asked myself ……..

“Why is it that somewhere between our childhood and the present day, we lost those effortless grace and energy we once had?

Is that an inevitable price of growing up?

As a matter of fact, our bodies have a huge capacity for flexibility and movement. But the sad truth is, as adults, we rarely exploit this. Every day we go through life acquiring tension in the body through physical and emotional pain. Yet, we accept this as perfectly normal for our body. We seem to forgot that we ever have the capacity for movement.

I reckon a hectic lifestyle should not keep us from exercise. Neither are we too old, too busy and too lazy for exercise. Take things gently at first. Work at your own pace. Meanwhile, learn to listen to your body, treat it with respect and recognize any warning signs.

The good news is, as you progress, you will realize that the way forward to achieving a healthier body through regular exercise is not too daunting a task. Exercise itself can help you to relax if you do not allow external circumstances to interrupt you. But, be mindful, relaxation on its own is certainly not going to make you fit ………………… You need some stretching and exercise to stay fit.


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  1. I think in my quest for perfectionism, I often lose sight of the power of simply doing. No one explained to me adequately as a child that overcoming challenges is as important that doing things I am great at. Now though, I’ve taken up tennis and ballroom dancing and I’m not particularly great at either but I am really really happy when participating fully, not thinking about my skill level. Thanks for the reminder.

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