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How Much Garbage Can You Accept?


If you care to ponder and reflect for a moment, chances are high you will agree with me that we have been consciously and unconsciously accumulating a lot of clutter inside our heads over the years along the journey of life. And we tend to store these garbage in the form of junk thoughts into the various compartments of our mind.

Unfortunately these mental junks and sad experiences that we have accumulated will do very little good to our sense of well-being and state of mind – junk thoughts and depressing memories that are reinforced over time could only lead us to greater frustration, anger, jealousy, stress, harmful attachments, fear and phobias.

Besides, do you need those aggravation created by your junk friends who have been constantly putting you down, discouraging you and depressing you with negative way to react to things?

Do you need to continue having these negative people around you to compound the negative things in your life?

The good news is if you want to feel better about yourself and your life, get rid of the clutter in the mind, your junk thoughts and your world of junk friends the sooner the better. But, this task cannot be delegated to someone else because it is a personal matter and has a lot to do with your core value system.

In hindsight, as we move from one point of our life to the next, I reckon at every turning point, mental trade-offs are required to be made. I believe unless you and me are prepared to discard attitudes that are irrelevant and redundant in our present circumstances, going forward may be unnecessarily blocked and harming our potential for success as well.

I think we can be a lot happier as individuals if we reduce the intensity and quantity of our mental garbage. As a matter of fact, it is even better if we can eliminate it altogether because by taking such action will lead to a lightening of a load that may have at times confused our brain and negated our ability to remain rational, composed and happy.

Have a great weekend. !!!


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