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Never Assume.


Never assume others will see a situation the way you see it ………….

Most of the time we think of ourselves first and because of this we often make the mistake of assuming others think and feel the same way. So learn to listen what others talk about with passion because what inspires you may completely turn off someone else.

I reckon every person’s motivation is a result of their experiences, perceptions and attitudes. Thus, you cannot motivate other people …………. but, you can always provide the necessary stimulus for them to motivate themselves. Understanding what lies behind the actions others take and the things they believe in are what matters most and essential to inspiring them.

As I conclude this post, please be mindful, others will always have a way of raising and falling to meet our expectations of them. But what is far more effective lies in our ability to instill the desire, constantly recognizing and acknowledging but never assume.


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