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A Frightening Sight Indeed.


“Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. Then youth will be delightful, old age will bring less regrets, and life will become a beautiful success. “– Louisa May Alcott.

On Monday, I had my eyes reviewed and the good news is my vision is stable. Thus, my next review will be in six months time. Meanwhile, the specialist had advised me to have another lens implant, this time on my right eye if I wish to have further improvement in my vision.

But, I am a little hesitant and is not as confident or comfortable to proceed with another surgery unnecessarily. This is partly due to the long recovery and healing period that I am experiencing. Besides, if I were to opt for another surgery now, possibly for many, many months or years to come, I doubt my vision will be as good as it is today. Thus, why should I subject myself to another surgery unnecessarily?

After the lens implant on my left eye last year, I did not have the fortune to enjoy any improved vision. In fact, at one time my vision was worst than not having the surgery done. The blood vessels were still breaking and my vision was badly affected.

During that unfortunate period I went for acupuncture treatment and it helped. You see, after a few regular treatment my vision got brighter, clearer and sharper. Coupled with the herbal medication, the back of my left eye began to dry up slowly.

I had been faithfully undergoing my acupuncture treatment for months until my most recent visit in April when the acupuncturist told me that at this visit she will have to place a needle at a particular spot to further improve clarity and she have to do it carefully otherwise that area may turn black.

A few days after that visit, I noticed a red spot around my right eye. It was itchy and the spot became bigger and hard. I suspected an infection. And consulted a Doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics. Then, it turned to what you can see in the above picture.

I went back to the same Doctor again and was given a stronger dose because of the lapse in the medication. After a while, the swelling began to show signs of subsiding but, nothing was coming out from the area and a black, hard spot began to appear. Meanwhile, I had already taken four full courses of antibiotics.

Without any improvement, I then went to a skin specialist who told me to either have a surgery or just prick and press out what was inside the affected area. I opted for the second option as that was the most instant and effective treatment that I could thought of and after that was given another week’s antibiotics again.

At a review, the skin specialist told me that my skin pores around at the affected area were blocked and had been accumulating oil secreted from the oil glands and that a surgery is necessary. But, I did not proceed any further because I do not wish to subject myself to another surgery at that moment in time.

All in all, after five full course of antibiotics, I became very weak. And it took me more than four month for the swollen and bruised area on my right eye to heal. Meanwhile, the acupuncturist did not knew what had happened to me. As for my vision, I am now extremely sensitive to bright light and darkness. There are times when my left eye can see nothing at all any stayed that way for a few minutes. Initially, this was frightening and that is another reason why I do not wish to have a surgery done on right eye that could possibly severely affect my vision one day.

Have a good day. !!!


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