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Get On And Stay Focus.


With most bourses across the globe struggling in a sea of red coupled with negative events, economic uncertainties intensifying, depressing news swirling and our plans derailing, it is difficult for most of us to keep a clear head these days.

So is everything going to be doom and gloom and more importantly, are we ready for anything?

I reckon our first challenge is to get on and focus on that which really matters. We may have to examine the direction of our life more regularly and see whether we are majoring on the major, instead of majoring in the minor, which often is in most cases.

You see, most people often tell themselves that they would live for the more important things in life, like family, career and so forth. But over time, as the many responsibilities crowd into their lives, the first things that go are strangely, the more important things.

Indeed, it is easy to forget our aims in life along the way. And, in the end, it is too late when we discover our folly. Unfortunately, most of the time such wisdom comes too late in the form of deep regrets and sighs over wasted lifetimes and opportunities.

I am on the move again. This time heading home to join my family for 9/11. As I conclude this post, I believe we cannot win a game we have not properly defined. And, that goes to the game of life as well. It requires non-stop activity and direction. But, what is equally true is we are not concentrating our attention on one thing long enough to retain anything that matters.

So get on, stay focus on your game of life and have a happy weekend. !!!


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