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Are You In A Hurry?


Be it at our workplace or serving on a voluntary basis, it is not uncommon to see one person wearing too many hats or doing too many jobs.

As a matter of fact, all of us had situations where we felt we were the only one doing the work. Sometimes it was true. But, other times we were just out of sorts and we couldn’t see what the others were doing.

What is the motivation behind the choices you and I make? And what inclines us to take one job over another or after another?

Indeed, many of us who had overdone or overachieved because we have yet to learn to say “No.” And for some, I reckon it is out of a desire for approval, affirmation or reward. Like most people I would wish the same things too. I would not hesitate to offer myself to the people around me so that they would like me, love me, praise me and need me. It will certainly make me feel good, approved, valuable and could be possibly rewarded as well.

You see, there is seldom enough time and energy to do what we want to do especially when we focus only from the level of physical doing. Never allow fame to affect you in any way by inflating yourself or shining-up self-images. You are not made of anything fundamentally different than anyone else.

From hindsight, many people can get really hung up on what others think of them and who they wish or imagine or wish themselves to be. But, don’t you agree opinion is only an unstable pendulum and the most fickle indicator of popularity? Remember, you are never anyone other than who you really are. Lastly, our vision can become myopic and energy prematurely exhausted if we are always in a hurry. Do chill a bit by constantly letting go, relax and refocus to allow yourself to play a bigger game.


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