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It’s 6.16 In The Morning. What Should I Do?


What is the best thing to do, right now, at the moment?

It’s 6.16 in the morning. I have just completed my regular morning routine of breathing, stretching and balancing exercises. And have ample time at hand before having to meet up with Joey for a working breakfast. “What should I do? What is the best thing to do, right now, at the moment?” ….. I ask myself silently.”Should I get busy but that will eventually wake up everyone and ………?”

Suddenly, I recall what Marcus said to me while we were having supper last night; “I am prepared to play a game I can win, and lose as much as I need to, to get there” on issues pertaining to his dwindling career. “You think I should be avoiding things that demand my attention? That to me is like trying to stop a boat from rocking.”

I know very well that I too had not always make the best choice. Every time I didn’t, it was just another opportunity for me to write myself off and affirm to myself I am undeserving of anything good ever in my life. From hindsight, I have been making those self-limiting choices far too often and too many. I set myself up in my version of win/lose.

I can recall very vividly while at school most of the evenings I played baseball. Took the bat, lower myself to get ready, then strike. But most of the time I missed the ball and eventually struck out of the game much to the expectation of my fellow team mates.

Much later, I took up golf when I was working and I must say I had a great coach. He used to say, “Don’t worry about your score or the balls that went missing or went in the water. Just know that every time you play, you’ll hit more great shots.” Good advice. That attitude kept me in the game and got better and better at it before I switched to tennis on a more competitive note.

Every decision you and I make about what action to take at any time is an intuitive risk. Hanging on too tightly can limit our ability to deal with things from the most productive perspective at times. So how can we really know for sure what action to take next?

As I have mention in my earlier, every action we take at any time is going to be intuitive risk – so prepare for the worst, imagine the best and shoot down the middle. Live your dreams, don’t postpone them. Find any way to identify and grab hold of your purpose. Find the spark that lights your enthusiasm and flame it into a flame of passion. It’s time that I get ready for my appointment. Have a fantastic time this weekend and I will be looking forward to have you visiting “Have A Dream” again, next week. Guess that is what you should be doing ….. lol


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