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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.


All of us can relate to failure. As a matter of fact, in one form or another all of us must have been through the humiliation as well as the devastation of failure. However, what is truly amazing; failure defeats some and energizes others.

The road of life is not a bed of roses. It includes plenty of unknown bends or curves and detours. The inconvenient or restrictive spots are not always visible or forewarned to us. Nor are we always aware of any road construction or troubled areas such as landslide or washed-out roads and so forth. And most of these difficulties come as a surprise and aggravation to all of us.

Perhaps, your failures may have been self-inflicted or they may be beyond your control. But what I observed over the years is many people attempt to bury their hurt and pain in their hearts or have it hidden somewhere in their subconscious minds. What is unfortunate is, they don’t realize that the source of our bad attitudes and behaviors stems out from our poisoned hearts.

What we think and believe determines how we act or react. If we believe what is not true, it perverts the way we see everything and out of fear we develop all kinds of defense mechanisms to hide, to protect ourselves or just to survive. So most of the time, it is actually not our circumstances that have put us down but our thoughts about those circumstances.

We learn, create and grow on many levels. And the conscious one being the least profound. As long as we keep giving excuses or blaming our problems on anyone but ourselves, our circumstances,  family, our environment or past relationship with someone and so forth, we will never be truly free or emotionally happy. So isn’t it time to take responsibility for our lives and not give too much attention to distractions along our way to achieving our dreams?

Indeed, at times, timing is everything. But, make sure you don’t push yours or you may lose it. Be open to new ideas or approaches to work itself out through you by way of creating resolutions as well as closure in ways which may be beyond what you think you can most probably do. I believe if you never make any mistakes, chances are you won’t be learning or growing, and you won’t likely achieve much either. As they say; “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gain.”

Stop playing it safe. It is time that you embrace your future and reinvent yourself. That you acknowledge the greatness endowed in you. To speak and stand for what you want. And to transform yourself to become a ‘take charge’ person instead.


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