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Let’s Take A Walk Down Memory Lane.


Remember the early days when internet connections were few and far between? My window to the world back then was via a dial-up modem, complete with sounds of fax transmission-like beeps and screeches. Today, such dial-up connections are already fast disappearing and we now have more and better ways to getting connected.

Remember how you felt when your plans were interrupted or disturbed? Recently, I was looking forward to lunch at a particular Chinese restaurant in town. But the place is always fully booked. After several attempts, I was finally assured of a table on Wednesday. But in the very early hours of that particular day, there was a blast at the venue and is now temporarily sealed. Later on the same day, I was informed the restaurant will be closed for business indefinitely. Well, I am not fuming but the incident will certainly impact my perspective on several issues.

Remember reporting to work the first time in your life? I was very excited the night before. Then, when I was at the office the next morning, my manager told me that I was hired to think, use my judgement and act in the best interest of the company at all times. And, as long as I am employed with them, I have their permission to act in their best interest.

Our world has become a a rather confusing place. Much of what we know about, “Expansion and contraction; Right brain, left brain; Yin and Yang; Creation and completion;” I reckon the more we are able to bring these polarities into balance, the more happier we become.



  1. Happiness, the eternal quest of life. I once read that when the gap between fantasy and reality becomes too big that is when we become bitter. I´m working on keeping that gap as small as possible. 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Good effort. !!!

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