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He Cares ……….


Distress is most often stress that hasn’t been addressed. As such the best way for us to deal with stress is to beat it before it begins to beat us. Be mindful, stress can cause increased heart beat and blood pressure which in turn increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. But by changing our lifestyle and changing our thinking, we can control and eliminate excess stress in our lives. Invest some time to develop healthy habits as well as recognizing God’s sovereignty over our lives are some ways we can beat stress effectively.

Choose life – Choosing life is to look at life optimistically because every day is a deluge of choices. Every decision no matter how small, is accompanied by some stress. Make the most of where you are, what you have and who you are with.

Focus on one thing at a time and on doing it well – I reckon one job well done is more satisfying and less stressful than beginning six projects and leaving them all half finished. Multitasking can be a good thing. But if the task at hand is more complex, doing several things at once can possibly cause you to lose time rather than saving time.

Find your niche – Trying to fit yourself into a lifestyle that does not match your talents, values or your goals in life will exert pressure on you both emotionally and spiritually. Slowly replace what you are doing now with the things that will challenge you to grow into the uniquely-gifted person God created you to be. That will make you feel less stress  and every day a bit more like a vacation.

Pause and reflect – Why wait for things to happen? Taking a moment to evaluate what you are doing and why will help you put life back into perspective. If you never take the time and trouble to stop and consider where  you are headed, you may discover you have arrived at a destination you never intend to reach. Be mindful, slow down before you hit something.

Refuse to compare yourself with others – Why stress out trying to imitate someone you were never created to be? Image is not necessarily everything in our lives. But, if you want to make a worthwhile comparison, try comparing yourself to yourself – are you growing in positive ways? Make use of your talents to the best of your ability. And last, but by no means lest;

Have someone you can trust – God has promised to be with you always, hear your prayers, forgive you and love you unconditionally. Those are promises you can depend on. God has kept every promise He ever made. Share the details of your life with Him. Be mindful, He cares …………….

My heart is playing tricks on me
And its building bricks on me
I can’t break through
And I can’t face you

My world is slowly turning now
But it’s burning up somehow
I need some time
To know what’s right

My heart skips a beat
My heart skips a beat

My heart is always first to know
And as the feeling grows
I can’t deny, push those thoughts aside
My world is full of loveliness
But focus on the stress

My heart says, “Go” but my brains says, “No”
And it’s only in the quiet that I hear myself breath ……

Have a wonderful weekend. !!!


1 Comment

  1. Wayne Augden says:

    Wonderful post, Michael. Just what I needed to see today.
    Thank you, brother. 🙂

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