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Giving excuses are the first defense of the insecure. While fixing every blame on our circumstances will often lead us to fixing the blame on others. So the next time you catch yourself making an excuse, stop and turn your attention immediately to what can be done to best rectify the situation.

To move forward we have to be positive and forward looking. If one approach does not work, stick to your goal but, try a different approach. Or, if at first, an idea you feel have merit is not accepted, wait for a better time and a different set of circumstances to make it happen. Remember to stop, reassess your options and find some other ways to push forward your idea.

Stay positive when faced with negative situations and negative people. Always look forward to the future and decide upon the best course of action given the existing circumstances because the hallmark of getting anything done have everything to do with our relentless focus on overcoming the odds and obstacles that stop most people in their tracks.

F.O.C.U.S. is “Following One Course Until Successful.”



  1. tsizzles says:

    This is an interesting post. It reminds me of something I recently wrote on my blog. I also think you should check this out:


  2. Wayne Augden says:

    Well said, Michael. Thank you.

  3. jack downing says:

    Whatever we decide when faced with a situation must be based on logic, intellect and intuition, though not necessarily in that order. In other words make a decision that; you have thought through, deemed possible, and feel in your gut to be right.

  4. Chappy says:

    Very true Michael I find that these words reflect my own opinions on this subject. Good acronym usage. I like acronyms as they are catchy and are easy to remember.

  5. gertieapigo says:

    We just need to hold on to that dream, that goal and no matter how strong the wind is, as long as we are focused on the road, we will surely get there in time. Way to go!

  6. vidyerthy says:

    I agree with the post. As ever though there is not right or wrong I guess. There are certain types of people for whom leaving behind one approach and trying another one isn’t as natural as most of us. I know of some people for whom their childhood experiences have had such a fundamental effect that it is almost impossible for them. Possible yes but it is difficult.

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