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Our Circumstances Can Be Better.


Women want to be in love, get married and live happily ever after. Yet, disrespect for men and disregard for the value, feelings and needs of husbands has fast become the standard for male-female relations in America. Those two attitudes clash in unfortunate ways to create struggle and strife in what could be a beautiful relationship.
~ Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

When circumstances look dim and you need some answers, do you vent? Do you listen? Or, do you vent then listen? Please do not misunderstand me but, not all advice is good advice. I mean, how can you know that what you are hearing is right and wise?

Can you remember how you felt when you were dating? What were things exciting the two of you did together? What did you say and do that made him or her want to date you again? Do you think you can you rekindle those early feelings again? And …………. in your quiet times with the Lord have you ever asked for His guidance in your words and actions?

You see, talking to God about where you are in your marriage is an important step towards a possible reconciliation. Talk to Him about how distressed you are. Tell Him how frustrated you are and what he or she had done or won’t do or is doing and allow God to give you guidance.  Ask Him to soften the edges and change your heart in whatever ways that will uplift your circumstances.

Make it a habit, invest some energy in finding out God’s will and purpose for your situation. All of us are woundable. So don’t just focus on what is not right. Instead, try to focus on things that are right. If you are patient, sometimes you can see that you can get through it. Remember, the permanent fact is everything changes; our situations and our circumstances can change. With the Grace of God, when the sun rises again tomorrow, things may be different, our circumstances can be better.

Have a great day. !!!



  1. Wayne Augden says:

    Great post, Michael. .

  2. E. He says:

    I agree that not all advice is good advice! Especially when it comes to love, because feelings come first and foremost!

  3. loopyloo305 says:

    Great post and great advice!

  4. Mandy says:

    Marriage takes a lot of hard work – and wisdom. God truly is the only One who can give the best advice, for who else knows you and your spouse so intimately? And yes, He definitely can and will change the situation and/or ourselves if we ask. Great post!

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