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Happiness Is Yours For The Taking.


I know of many people who spend their lives searching for happiness. And, in the end, some of them are fortunate enough to realize that it is not about having more or doing more or being more but about how they view what is already theirs ……………………….

Today, we are so different as compared with the past. Most of us will either have a computer, a smartphone or an iPad. But, even with the availability of increased connectivity and so forth, it does not necessarily enhance meaningful human to human interactions.

On the other hand, we tend to put a lot of stock in our memories.  Our memories do play a role in determining if we will one day soar like an eagle up in the sky or worse live with our hurts for the rest of our lives – I agree sometimes we do not get a choice. Life just hand us stuff we did not choose or want and wish we could return if possible.

By the way, “Is there a choice in your life that you know is the healthy way to go?” And, if you look around you, “Can you appreciate some of the riches God has placed in your life?” You see, it is only when we begin to see and appreciate these riches, we will certainly find that we have a great deal more to be happy than we can probably imagined.

All of us have our important priorities and we know very well what matters most to us. It is time to take a good look at the life you have created for yourself and decide what is working and what is not. It is time that you should also stop complaining. And it is time that you stop blaming external factors or your circumstances for causing your unhappiness as well.

Remember, to appreciate what you already have and you will find that you have a great deal more to be happy about. Look at life in the light of God’s love. Look up to God for what He has done.  And we will find His love in every turn. !!!



  1. I really like the words you ended this post with…”look at life in God’s love. Look up to God for what He has done. And we will find His love in every turn.
    AMEN! The key is looking up isn’t it instead of looking down at our own feet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. jack downing says:

    Loved the words, especially loved the video, great post Michael.
    ps, thanks for all of the Like hits on my posts as well.

  3. Wayne Augden says:

    Michael, Love the video, and your post. Very inspiring. 🙂

  4. Old Jules says:

    Finding joy in the good, the bad and the ugly seems to run against the human grain, but it’s a piece of magic and doesn’t require much difficulty. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Gracias, Jules

  5. Excellent Post Michael. That video was very inspirational. We really have to learn to build some perspective around our lives in order to have a full appreciation of it. Our circumstances may seem dire at times but sometimes we have to consider that because of the hope we have in Jesus we can experience the fullness of joy. Thank you for sharing happiness.

  6. thanks for sharing a great post…a very inspiring ! 🙂 and thanks much michael, i”m a newbie ! 🙂

  7. Ray says:

    Michael, Thanks for checking out the Ray of Hope Ministries blog, Today’s Enlightenment, which my partner in ministry, Patty Perez, and I opened in June this year. I’m inspired by what you write in your blog. It seems that we are to some extent presenting similar messages, but in different ways. I hear you presenting the idea that our dreams can be fulfilled, whereas Patty and I speak of hopes being fulfilled. I will be checking in on your blog again.

    Ray Gough
    Ray of Hope Ministries

  8. The Beagle says:

    Previous commenters are touched by the video but I’m a little puzzled! The man’s message went from a straightforward statement of fact and an appeal to people’s natural desire to help, to a somewhat whiny complaint that seems contrary to your wise advice to “stop blaming external circumstances” when you’re not happy.

    To follow your counsel the sign could have read, “It’s a beautiful day. I can feel it!” Or even more creatively, “Tell me the wonderful things you can see and I’ll tell you the wonderful things I can hear.”

    (Caveat: I saw the video without the benefit of sound, so maybe I’m way off base.)

    In any case, I heartily agree with you that we have a lot more to be happy about than we often realize! I often think what a privilege it is just to be alive. The percent of matter in the universe that is sentient is vanishingly small, and we get to be part of it! Plus, we’re free to follow our thoughts wherever they lead. Until recently, people who didn’t conform to the religious or social standards of their group were in danger of being tortured or even burned at the stake. I’m so thankful for being alive in the modern era!

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