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Live, Dream, Work.

Live your life …….. Dream your dreams …….. Work your dreams ……..

Under the prevailing bleak and challenging, global economic outlook, most of us are affected in one way or another. Things are no longer as rosy as we perceived some time back. Global uncertainties are still looming around us. But, do we really have to let these unhappy moments and circumstances diminish the good stuff we can expect of life or ourselves tomorrow or the day after that?

Many people are retrenched everywhere and to some people, getting back into the workforce is a real challenge during this difficult period.

This year, I have the privilege to meet three ordinary men who is living this extraordinary moment with flying colors. They are Joe, Kent and Tony. Joe, an engineer, 55 years of age was retrenched two years ago. Unable to find another job at that age, Joe made up his mind to venture into business. Using a recipe passed down by his family he began selling “Yow Char Koay.” With a lot of passion and creativity Joe later expanded his range of deep fried stuff once he noticed a demand. Today, his business is flourishing with three outlets to promote his specialties.

Kent, 50, ventured into food business at the age of 20. Today, despite everyone is complaining of poor business and keen competition, Kent is very confident and optimistic about growing his business through constant innovation and expanding his range of products to serve his growing customer base.

Tony, is in his early 40s. A skilled carpenter specializing in cabinets and wardrobes. He left his employment to venture into business a year ago. Initially he carried a photo album to illustrate the various designs he had done whenever he meets his potential customers. Then, he had a website. Today, Tony have a showroom in a new and growing township and is doing reasonably well.    

I believe be it good or tough times, we still have to live. Why not live the best you can in the moment? Continue to dream your dreams and be sure to work on your dreams. I stumbled upon the following video very recently. And, like me, I believe you will be equally inspired after this video. Please sit back, relax and get inspired …………………..

As I conclude my post, I accept that occasional setbacks or bad days are bound to happen in my life. We can count on them as the package in life. The good news is we don’t need to stay in that state or remain there forever because life is always filled with choices. We can always choose to rise above our circumstances. Tomorrow can be a better day if we choose to live the moments of our life the best we can. Continue dreaming our dreams. And working on our dreams at the appropriate time.

“Happy Friday ……………………………………… and Live, Dream, Work. ” !!!


  1. Joni Beach says:

    Thanks for sharing this post & video…and for visiting & “liking” my post. My Best, jb

  2. Wayne Augden says:

    Michael, this is a great post, and so inspiring. Imagine what would happen if we all took responsibility for our lives as these men did.

  3. jack downing says:

    Great Post Michael, very motivational video as well..

  4. Michael says:

    Hi, Joni, Wayne, Jack and to everyone who have “liked” or read this post. A very big “Thank You” from yours truly.

    I am touched by the response to “Live, Dream, Work.” I believe all of us would wish to live our lives responsibly. But, many people do not know how to get started, which direction to move forward, how, or where to seek support and so forth?

    With the Grace of God, let us be committed to live the moments of our lives as best as we can, dream our dreams regardless of the circumstances we are in and work on our dreams as best as we can.

    Notice any change in my blog today? You no longer find “aspirations and inspirations” under “Have A Dream.” It is replaced with “Live …….. Dream …….. Work…….. ”

    “Thanks for visiting Have A Dream once again.”

  5. Wow this really brought me to tears. Powerful message Michael. Makes me think of the many goals I have yet to reach. Thank you for sharing and God Bless your Friday!

  6. Thank you for this post — the inspiration is much appreciated!

  7. Bob Faw says:

    Thank you for the post, Michael. I love the inspirational reminders that we are all capable of setting achieving dreams in our lives. Life keeps going, I want to LIVE it fully.

  8. Blackwood Lady says:

    Great post and a super inspirational video! 🙂 It’s amazing what you can do with a little inspiration, hard work, and a whole lot of commitment!

  9. Seashell says:

    I needed this inspiration today. I need it every day! Thank you so much for such a great post.

  10. J.C.V. says:

    I was having a series of bad days recently. This post was very motivational.

  11. I was so busy today I had not stopped for a second to even catch my breath. When I finally did your post and the video is what I saw and what I needed. Love it. Thanks so much. It is inspirational.

  12. rockvillept says:

    We really enjoyed the video and you sharing your experiences here at Fitness First – Rockville. It was very, very motivating to see people CHOOSING to move forward and boldly reach for their goals. Thank you for sharing with us, and we hope to apply that same courage your three friends displayed as we go through our next week!

  13. Whew! This was a tear jerker man – amazing! It’s NEVER to late to change – NEVER!

    Thanks for the post my friend!

    ~dimitri snowden

  14. rosaanna73 says:

    Really touching and motivating post, Micheal! You gave an important message for all of us. I agree, we have to take our life as it comes, with good and bad days and we should live it fully, trying to realize our dreams. I think it doesn’t matter if we reach our goal, the important is to do our best to achieve it, paying attention to the real values in our life…

    Thanks for sharing, Michael. 🙂

  15. Tiffini says:

    “I may not be able to control the circumstance I find myself in, but I can always control my reaction to the circumstance.” Wonderful optimism presented in this post and also “To Fly a Kite…” Hope you’re having a good week! 🙂

  16. quspork says:

    It’s good to be reminded of all this from time to time. Thanks!

  17. Inspirational and uplifting. A truly generous and encouraging post. Thank-you Michael. 🙂

  18. dmbuteau says:

    My dear friend, one thing you may find of value is this…problems do not define us, but rather they are a platform for us to springboard into a new self. We can do certain things and when a problem comes about and we overcome it now this is a new addition to our arsenal.

  19. cmmarcum says:

    My favorite line in the song: When we get what we want but not what we need… I feel inspiration coming on. Thank you.

    My motto these days: Less is more. And it works.

  20. miss Red says:

    work . work hard ..and dream 🙂

  21. April says:

    This post is a definite inspiration and motivator!! Thanks for sharing and loved the video.

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