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I’ll Follow The Sun.


I was on my way out of a shopping mall after buying some Christmas presents for my loved ones, when one of my old favorites; “I’ll Follow The Sun” by the Beatles was being aired at a cafe. That song very accurately, described the feeling I was in lately. I slowed down my pace and happily joined the Beatles singing the song in my heart ……………..

“One day, you’ll look
To see I’ve gone
But tomorrow may rain, so
I’ll follow the sun”

The Mayans think the world will come to an end in 2012. “That is still a year away,” some may say. “Let’s celebrate Christmas and a New Year first before we dwell on that thought.” While some will just dismiss the thought as another grand idea.

In hindsight, someone wrote a book, “88 Reasons Why The World Will Rapture In 1988?” That year came and gone. Then, another book was published the following year, explaining why the world would definitely end in 1998. Again, that year had passed uneventfully. Later, someone thought the world will end on May 21, 2011. That happened to be another failed prediction again. So are you thinking what I am thinking with regards to the Mayan theory?

For a moment, let’s recall the earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan, on the 11th of March this year. Didn’t it happened so suddenly and without a warning? All of us were surprised, shocked and saddened when we learn more on the incident. It took thousands of lives, hundreds of millions in economic loss and sadly, we saw how this brought Japan to its knees, so to speak.

A little earlier, there was an earthquake at Christchurch in New Zealand. And more recently, the typhoon that almost crippled Philippine’s economy. Then, Thailand was struck with its worst flood. Millions of Thais were displaced and caused an untold amount of damage to the Country’s reputation as a manufacturing and industrial hub. In between, there were at least two deadly tornadoes and storms in the United States and floods in Australia as well. Perhaps, such is the power of nature.

We have been told years ago about global warming, the melting icebergs and last but by no means least, conserving energy and how recycling will ease the burden of Mother Nature. While many may simply dismiss the Mayan theory as a hoax, don’t you think we are witnessing to the wrath of an angry Mother Nature? 

The crux of the matter is, all of us are living in a connected world today. An earthquake or a major mishap or disaster happening at any part of the world will affect us just as much economically, directly or indirectly.

“And now the time has come
And so, my love, I must go
And though I lose a friend
In the end you’ll know
One day, you’ll find
That I’ve gone
But tomorrow may rain, so
I’ll follow the sun …………..”



  1. Wise words 🙂 Thanks for this post. I don’t believe the world will end in 2012, but maybe the world as we know it will. I feel and experience a shift of consciousness, so maybe that is what the change is all about. Or maybe mother nature will teach us a big lesson. Or maybe some sort of disease will come that will decimate mankind. I think we are however going to a better world, maybe I will not live to enjoy that, but then again, maybe I will. Fact is, the here and now are the only certainties, so although I am trying to think of the future and do things to take care of the planet I don’t walk around worrying about the future all the time. I believe there is a collective consciousness at work, as I feel people with the same thoughts and ideas are connecting more then ever, and thanks to the world wide web it is a global phenomenon.

    Great post, great song 🙂 Thnx for sharing 🙂

  2. iamforchange says:

    Love the sun… And the Post! Thanks for Sharing it!

  3. johnars says:

    I’ll follow the SON, nice. We are connected…butterfly effect.

  4. Sala says:

    Great post. Thank you. I also feel that there are some great changes happening as the world as we know it is changes. A more “enlightened” consciousness and more respect for the earth and each other.is afoot.

  5. Just Coop It says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is lovely.

  6. debpentland says:

    This is beautiful. I feel the same way about the coming of 2011, but doubt i could come close to saying it so eloquently. So thanks for putting it into words. 🙂

  7. bibuji says:

    Thank you for referring to the tragedy in Japan. Indeed, it’s not only Japan that suffered from disaster. We are really connected. And your words have made me confirmed, that I will live with all my effort, so long as the world exists. Have a nice weekend!

  8. Jane Baker says:

    Lovely post and yes we are all connected and the world is changing as we know it. Things are changing all the time and I feel that 2012 will see a big shift…from change comes new and thanks for reminding me about the song…have a good weekend.

  9. That was so thoughtful and I love that song!

  10. Visionkeeper says:

    As you said so well, we best start taking care of Gaia, she is none to happy right now. BTW, love that song! Brings back a rush of memories. Thanks! VK

  11. DAlmeida says:

    Hi Michael! I’ve nominated your blog to the Versatile Blogger, OK? I know you’ve been nominated before, but better than one… why not two or three?:-) You have a great blog, a versatile one.

  12. Songs, lyrics.. sometimes you find yourself in them.. nice lyrics.. thanks for sharing

  13. willofheart says:

    you said it right Michael, there are so many changes happening around the world, and I think it is an eye opener that we need to do something to help save the world, I love the lyrics of the song very inspirational …. One day, you’ll find, That I’ve gone, But tomorrow may rain, so, I’ll follow the sun …thank you for sharing happy Sunday!

  14. As usual, a great blog, Michael. Since you and other folks speak of the “End of the world” prophecy of the Mayans, I could not resist but provide this link to a recent blog of mine: 21st December 2012.

    Would love to receive comments.

    Cheers and merry christmas to all.


  15. Wayne Augden says:

    Great post, Micheal. Thank you.

  16. I studied this in grad.school and fell in love. Chaco Canyon is my favorite reminder… or the Great Temple of the Aztecs–Venus rising!

  17. 237blessed says:

    ‘No one knows the date or time of Christ’s coming. It will come like a thief in the night.’ We are called to keep our hearts ready and be ever vigilant so we are not caught unaware and be ashamed before the throne.

  18. Morten Christian Groth says:

    Hi Micheal! – nice to know your whereabouts . . .
    I’m on the same train of thoughts – in a Way:-)
    While the world gets saturated with overpopulation; how can this go on? Let me paraphrase: I’ll follow the Son!
    It is interesting to notice, that all predictions of the world’s downfall has failed, yet. Holy Scriptures tells us: noone knows the hour! Not even the angels. I mean the old Mayans no disrespect. Maybe “the old calendar” stops ticking, introducing a new one? The thought of a New-age has been present for awhile, so lets keep faith, and hopefully, new love will arise on the horizon.

    Be blessed!

  19. Good post. All living things have a life-cycle…including stars and planets. It may be that our good Mother is coming to the end of her cycle, that a time of rest and renewal (that doesn’t include us…or it might) is at hand. Whatever is coming, in many ways it is out of our hands and I know that infuriates a lot of people.

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