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My Young Visitor.


Birds don’t sing because they are  happy. They sing because they have a story to tell ……………

Every morning I have the pleasure of listening to birds chirping everywhere in my neighborhood. Their chirps are a delight to me because they bring joy and help to calm or quieten my mind.

This morning as I stepped into a room, I spotted this young visitor when I got closer to the window. Quietly I stepped out to reach for my phone at another room and hoped to capture my young visitor on camera. Then, without causing any unnecessary or undue fright to this valued, young visitor of mine, I captured this shot.

Meanwhile, the birds around were happily chirping away. One seem to ask my visitor; “Where’s your mama gone, little baby bird?” Then, someone chirped in, “Far, far away.” After a brief silence, another chirped, “Last night I heard your mama singing a song.” And the others joined; “Oh ……… We, Chirpy Chirpy, Chirp, Chirp.”

A little later, another tweet seems to be telling my young visitor; “Hey girl whatcha doin down there, dancing alone every minute while I’m right above you, I can hear your music playing, I can see your body swaying ………………” causing my young visitor to look up in search of that voice.

Then someone chirped, “Look ………, saw the boy playing with his mother there?”

“Yes,” some replied.

“Guess what are they talking?”

“Oh, like us, this little boy is singing,” one answered.

“Singing …………….?”

Then they heard ……………

“I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus last night
Underneath the mistletoe last night
She didn’t see me creep
Down the stairs to have a peek
She thought I was tucked
Up in my bedroom fast asleep …………….

Oh what a laugh it would have been
If daddy had only seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night.”

“Oh, how sweet ………….. Christmas is just around the corner, so there’s always joy around” one bird remarked. “I wish I could be one of them.”

Then another asked, “Are you crazy? They always envy us. They like to be birds and you ………….. Have you gather enough to celebrate the occasion?”

“Oh, I better be flying and on the lookout for more,” the bird answered. And as the bird with his mighty wings flew higher and higher, he belted out Fat Domino’s ………………

“I found my thrill
On Blueberry hill
On Blueberry hill
When I found you

The moon stood still
On Blueberry hill
And lingered until
My dream came true

The wind in the willow played
Love’s sweet melody
But all of those wows we made
Were never to be

Though we’re apart
You’re part of me still
For you were my thrill
On Blueberry hill ………..”

Suddenly, this bird took a sharp turn, glided back and while perching on the branch of an old oak tree, said; “I’ll be back” and flew away ………………..



  1. Emily He says:

    Hahaha, how cute! I especially love the part when the bird breaks into “I saw mama kissing santa claus last night!”

  2. LOL that truly made my morning. What an amazing imagination you have there Michael. Awesome stuff.

  3. Ty for sharing, I truly enjoying reading it.. God Bless You 🙂

  4. Michael, I want some of what you are “smoking.” Wow, Tony Orlando and Dawn,(“Knock Three Times”) Fats Domino,(“Blueberry Hill”) and I believe, Brenda Lee,(“I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus”) and Arnold Schwartzenegger’s,(in “The Terminator”) “I’ll be back” all in one post about a bird(s)?..Oh yeah, I want to smoke some of that stuff, my address is…lol
    Great piece.

  5. polar577 says:

    🙂 I was gazing out my back door watching the Cardinals play this morning.

  6. Oh Michael, I hope you know what your name means – because it is true.
    Lovely post. My husbanad calls me the Human Happy Face, but I think we are related! Blessings to you and your family and friends.

  7. Whoops – I guess I should slow down and proof my comments – my husband also calls me “All speed and no control!” Haa haa. Have a spectacular day Michael!

  8. iamforchange says:

    Michael, I love this post and love that you took the time to love the Bird and share that love with us. I am a great fan of the melodies shared with our friends the birds and get great joy from their beautiful songs. It is a great gift the songs of Nature and the comfort they bring! Thank you for sharing your Heart and Your Love! 🙂 My Heart felt wish of Great love in your Heart and those you touch, A very Merry Christmas wish to you and yours on the day we Celebrate the birth of our Lord!

  9. freespirit2 says:

    Isn’t it amazing all the wonder that is everywhere we look, or sometimes are not expecting? Love the shot and the post that you tied in with it. Truly inspiring.

  10. Gabby and I are nominating you for 7X7 Link Award. Come look at our blog to see what you do next 🙂 Merry Christmas

  11. sparkylaurie says:

    Lovely post…to pause and look around and see and hear the truth from nature…is a rare gift! Keep up the good work! 😉

  12. Wayne Augden says:

    🙂 Love your post, Michael. Great!

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