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My Wishlist For 2012.


We are almost at the end of the current year. In hindsight, 2011 have been a reasonably remarkable year for yours truly. Though in between there were some challenging times which feels like speed bumps in life and at times feels like mountains. However, with the Grace of God, I am glad it passed. As for the coming New Year, what I wish to see happening are …………………

With the often predicted bleak global economic outlook in 2012, I wish there is no need for any unnecessary politicking. Instead, politicians at both sides of the divide should spend their time serving and working for the people. They should be seen implementing and monitoring sound, broad based policies that can benefit the people. And effectively paving a level playing field for all stakeholders  – regardless of his or her color and religious beliefs. This will empower the people to commit and work towards greater progress, solidarity, better quality of life and so forth.

I wish to see the global market moving forward and growing at a reasonably realistic pace rather than having to slow down or worst fall into a global recession. Perhaps, we should temporarily shelve some of our existing policies, initiatives and efforts that are causing the global economy to slide down further. And at the same time, stop draining our resources and energies unnecessarily. Instead, we should concentrate our efforts and initiatives or policies that are showing results and that works well under such prevailing global uncertainties.

I wish there can be a new paradigm shift emerging in 2012. Whereby each and every one of us are genuinely ready to move forward hand in hand, as the people of the world, without any hidden agenda, regardless of our faith and skin color. We have a duty to put our world right again for our younger generations to live. And not let them feel threatened or bullied in any way by some insensitive and arrogant people. Especially those who contribute by issuing threats and pouring cold water on the dreams of some genuine leaders in our time.

Realistically, I think if there is anything that we can truly look forward in 2012 is; new technologies will continue changing the way we live life. And most probably we will get to see Steve Job’s Apple TV in the coming months as well.



  1. nenskei says:

    Perfect wishlist to wish on. Hope those what you said above would truly happen.

  2. I would like to see a change like this for the Greater Good for All. I share your sentiments greatly. Thanks for sharing Michael 😀 . May 2012 accomplish your desires for great Change to be established in all the earth.

  3. Carrie says:

    A great way to prepare for aNew Year. Thank you, Michael.

  4. This is a great wish list. I will add it to my own which include people recognizing that not one of us is perfect we all make mistakes. If we really work together we can be the change we want to see (M. Ghandi).

  5. bibuji says:

    Yes, I wish a new technology, too! Technology would be more and more gentle for people. First of all, those saving more power. I wish you a happy winter vacation! “

  6. Liberty says:

    great wishlist for 2012. and amidst the technological advancement.. i wish for people not to forget that we are humans too… and we are here for sensation and feelings… 🙂 just a balance. 🙂

    happy new year!

  7. thehomeheart says:

    Excellent wish list and post. I know so many others share your sentiments and I can only pray that together, we as a people, move to make a difference.

  8. lilbitcraze says:

    Great wish list…………For me is just to get a good income coming in…..

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