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Your First Step Towards A Great Year.


Have great expectations for this New Year …………..

Perhaps, you may think I have gone crazy by encouraging you to have great expectations for this New Year. On the other hand, some may say, “The more expectations I have for the New Year, the more I will be disappointed at the end.” Indeed, there may be some truth in that. I agree. But please allow me to share my point here with you.

If I may ask, “When someone tells you to be careful when you cross the road, how would you respond?” I reckon most likely, you will heed that advice and exercise greater caution and on the lookout just in case any mishap might happen. However, don’t you think the way you behave on the road may also cause you to get knocked? Guess that may be the same response when you are told to be careful when you are out from a bank or when on the streets you are likely to meet with a snatch thief.

The thing is when we start expecting something, our mind is preparing us for it to happen. Some time back, I posted a story about two farmers. During a rainy season one farmer shouted in joy, “How wonderful it is for watering my plants.”

While the other farmer was disappointed and said; “If it keeps raining like this, the roots of my plants will rot?”

Then, when the sun came out in full force a few days later, the first farmer exclaimed in joy; “Look, how wonderful it is, my plants are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. I am going to have a great harvest very soon.”

However, the second farmer replied angrily, “If  it’s going to stay that way, it will scorch my plants and I will have nothing to harvest.”

You see, here we have two farmers each having a different expectation on the rainy season. Mentally they prepared themselves differently and took actions based on their expectations. Similarly, when it comes to you expecting to have a great year in 2012, your mind is also preparing you for a great year.

You will have to leverage on it by planning, mapping out strategies and taking all the necessary actions it takes to have a great year. In the process, you become confident, enthusiastic and committed to work hard to have a great year. Have great expectations for this New Year and I am confident you will be blessed with one.

Meanwhile, wishing you every success in all your endeavors. Have a …………

Happy New Year

and God Bless. !!!



  1. Have a Great New Year Michael!!!!! 🙂 God Bless You. I love reading your posts. I’m so glad I met you here on WP in 2011. Can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring. 😀

    • Michael says:

      Thank You and have a Happy New Year Sherline. Many thanks for the kind words and looking forward to your posts in 2012. Gos Bless. !!!

  2. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Very insightful post. I think being aware is good, but projecting is bad. I love your example with the two farmers. 🙂

  3. Visionkeeper says:

    Good thinking Michael…Clever…Yes may we all envision our new year with a positive outlook!! Thanks Michael…VK

  4. Thanks for the encouraging post…and the farmers story is a good one…it really makes the point…thank you…

  5. Michael says:

    Thanks for responding VK and PP. I believe many of us want to have a good start. Some are not sure how it could be done while some discouraged after some time. The purpose of this post is to share how we can get started. Have a Happy New Year my friends.

  6. Cathy says:

    Great article. Happy New Year as well! 🙂

  7. kimxrn says:

    Beautiful post from a beautiful soul! I love reading your blog!! 🙂

  8. Thanks mate and wish you the same..:) wish we all can implement what you said ..:) keep blogging such wonderful posts:)

  9. Elaine Ang says:

    HAppy new year happy new year 😀

  10. Beautiful post here. Happy New Year! God Bless 🙂

  11. Expectations are very powerful things!

  12. akcielo says:

    Have great expectations for this New Year ! Best way to start! Happy New Year!

    • Michael says:

      When you begin to have a positive expectation for the New Year. You will focus your thoughts and actions to achieve that. It can be done. But, success is hard work and not working smart. Working smart is the “expectation.” The rest are hard work. And in case someone is easily discouraged, I reckon seek the assistance of a coach.

  13. Have a great New Year 🙂

  14. sorealtonight says:

    Hey there!

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

    Congrats! 🙂

  15. Congratulations, I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award: http://miropoetry.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/warrior-trophies/

  16. bibuji says:

    Yes, it is a waste of time to feel disappointed…and it is a worse waste of time to be afraid of being disappointed. I wish you a happy new year full of hope and happiness!

  17. Thank you for the beautiful and encouraging post. Happy New Year!

  18. nenskei says:

    People expect in different ways! 😉
    Have a great expectation for 2012 and Happy New Year to you Michael!!

  19. Michael says:

    Ht, Have a Happy New Year and God Bless to the 6 of you.

  20. Another well written thought provoking post. Happy new year to you, I hope 2012 is a great one for you x

  21. Happy, Happy New Year to you Michael. I will be in expectancy of great things for 2012 as well. Blessings, Christine

  22. Here is to wishing you a happy and healthy New Year’s Michael! I 100% agree with you and am furiously planning my strategies at the moment!

    ~Doris Blanchet

    PS And beat that FEAR thing too!


  23. Shauna Smith says:

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award.. Please read my post for further details.. http://bipolar2happiness.com/2011/12/31/i-got-a-blog-award/

  24. Happy New Year!! I hope it’s wonderful for a wonderful guy.

    (hugs) Adrienne

  25. gethappy says:

    So true the power of perspective thrives

  26. Jane Thorne says:

    Michael I enjoy your blog as you know so I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award…link here http://janeannethorne.wordpress.com/
    many blessings – Jane

  27. Michael says:

    Welcome and Thank You to my latest visitors who had taken time to comment on this post. Have a great day.

  28. May we all remove the blinkers of vison and engage in the exploration of some wonderful blogs (like yours). 🙂

  29. What a great way to open 2012, Michael. I’m reading The Secret right now, and great expectations are the key to getting everything u want- living the life you want. I love reading your blog, it always adds a ray of sunshine to my day. All the best!

  30. Interesting thought on how to approach life. There is a ying and yang to everything. To think we can totally plan and make things happen the way that we want would be foolish. Like is an adventure. On an adventure,you’re always going to encounter surprises.
    Happy adventure and Happy New Year 2012 …

  31. sukhvirk150 says:

    I wonder, might there be benefit in imagining the worst possible scenario and preparing for it? For instance, digging out a drain for the rain water and watering the plants in the example of the second farmer?

    Nonetheless, I really enjoyed your article about having the best expectations for the new year, as well as for life. It’s very important, as you said, to remember the positive in our lives and live for the best.

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