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Random Thoughts On Ageing.


Are you satisfied with how you look?

Or, does your self-esteem revolve around your physical appearance?

To many people; “Youth means life and age means death.” Every year, millions are being spent by us on our bodies just to make us outwardly beautiful.

True beauty is not destroyed by age. True beauty is long lasting. It is not reflected in the physical features. But, in spiritual qualities, such as contentment, happiness and peace. And, it improve with the passage of time.

Growing older does not necessarily mean that it is time to sit back in our comfort zone. Growing old means that as we age, we grow. We learn. We discover new passions. New things that excite us and new wisdom. Unfortunately, the sad truth is, fear rob us our courage, enthusiasm and hope.

Learn to accept ageing as grace. Accept what you see in the mirror.  Be at peace with yourself as you let go of impossible self-imposed standards. Today, senior citizens can still create a life filled with new experience, inspiration, great achievements and become unstoppable again. The secret to a full life is to have no fear of death. So if you want to enjoy life, …………….. there is only one thing you can do, don’t get old, grow old.

While I was “Counting Blessings On A Beautiful Sunday” recently, Irene Lefort, a fellow blogger exclaimed; “The sixties are the new forties.” She is certainly right. Then, Inga Hel of Iceland explained, “The you inside has no age. He is the same age as he was born and he will stay that way to the end.”              

Seniors today have the power to change the world. With knowledge and understanding they can rid themselves of their fears of growing old. As Leigh Peters puts it, “It is when we start acting old, we start looking old.” So let go of your doubts and fears on growing older.

Age is a number that brings along tremendous benefits. “Right now, I love my life right here. I know more of myself than ever before. I feel better about simply “being myself” than ever before – that this is “enough.” It frees up all sorts of energy to explore and expand in ways I never dreamed possible when I was bound in trying to please the world” said the ever graceful Bela.

In hindsight, “Live With Hiccups” sums it up best; “Life passes by so very quickly. It can be very difficult to decide how to get the most out of it. Ironically, we often give our time to those things that are really less important.” Self-awareness empowers, energizes and motivates. It inspires us to achieve and allows us to take pleasure and pride in our achievements.

I love the way Sheila defined Age. She said; “Age is a journey for all of us, different chapters, different seasons, explanations, reasons, understanding. How true. Much as we would like to, we cannot be young forever. The good news is, we now share a broader, updated perspective and definition on ageing. As the Vision Keeper puts it; “Settle back and enjoy the journey.”

Happy growing …………. and Blessings. !!!



  1. allthewaydoc says:

    very true! age only holds us up if we tie ourselves to it! When i was in my early 30s i looked like i was in my 40s, now im 40 and people tell me i look like im in my early 30s. Life is outstanding! 🙂 it is like they say about a fine wine, one gets better with age.

  2. orples says:

    I’d love to look like I did 20 years ago, and know what I know now. If I had to choose one, or the other, I would take the wisdom I’ve accumulated over the past 20 years, as opposed to the external beauty I’ve lost. Too bad, we can’t have it both ways. 🙂 Good post, Michael; Thought provoking.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Orples, I agree, we cannot have both. Otherwise, that will be really wonderful. Inner beauty is long lasting and not destroyed with age. I feel this inner beauty is with you now. Have a great day and be great. !!!

  3. Coach Sue says:

    This is so true. There’s actually research published out there in the land of publications that state that seniors are very happy. That’s terrific to look forward and see that life doesn’t stop when you are 40 years old.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Coach Sue for sharing your thought with us. Love your insight. You have another great day and Blessings. !!!

  4. Leigh Peters says:

    Thanks Michael, and it’s true when you look at us, we must not act old at all!

    • Michael says:

      You are so nice Leigh. Thanks for the validation. I am certain what you mentioned will inspire all of us. You have a great day and Blessings. !!!

  5. Amanda Gray says:

    Beautiful article, Michael. While I remained remarkably well preserved through my 30’s, I realize now, at 42, that I pretty much look my age. Bummer. Yet, as I considered getting a new haircut today, I had to abandon the “rock star” or “hippie girl” styles I might have been attracted to in the past, and think about what would look best on me now. Upon making some very real and sober choices, I got a sensible and cute layered-bob cut. Surprise lesson: my long hairstyle had been aging me! I suddenly look and feel much younger! So, psychologically, I faced the hard truth – aging – but, physically, the effect was the opposite. Nice. 🙂

  6. Jeannie says:

    Nicely said Michael. I don’t mind my wrinkles and gray hair–I earned every one from living. No doubt, I’ll earn some more “badges of honor” before I’m through. 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Hi Jeannie, I love what I read. This is very true and I share your insight. Generally the perception on ageing have improved and that makes the journey (as we earn more badges along the way) meaningful and enjoyable. You have another great day and God Bless.

  7. bigron42 says:

    An old man just hated his age,
    He often would sit there and rage;
    He got a face lift,
    His nose went adrift,
    He should have consulted a sage.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  8. Awww, sweetie – thanks for including me! And you will be getting some of that love right back in my next post (tomorrow or Thursday, latest). Until then, keep smiling, spreading good cheer, and blessings to you.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Bela. Your thoughts are really wonderful and have to be shared. So more can appreciate. Thanks for the validation. Regards.!!!

  9. And let me just add – it’s hard being an aging woman in American culture. BUT we don’t have to buy into the hype – we can take up the mantle of Elder gracefully, sharing wisdom where it’s asked for, learning where our priorities lie and testing the strength of our spirits in doing so.

    The god Chronos was in charge of time – and his modern-day counterpart, Saturn, is currently transiting through the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Love. It has been doing this for the past 2 years and will be there until October this year. What this has meant for many I know is that relationships are changing, sometimes ending – and that includes our relationship to ourselves, or who we have believed, up to this point, that we ‘are.’ Our relationship to time itself is also changing! And so we can’t stop the clock – but we can cut away the dross to reveal the gems that lie beneath the surface. It can be daunting, even painful at times – but boy, it’s hard to fight that kind of momentum, as Saturn only makes a transit into the same sign every 28 years or so. Might as well jump on board and enjoy the ride!

    Thanks Michael, for the opportunity to think this through and express it, and for your excellent thought-provoking posts, as ever.

  10. gigoid says:

    Nice thoughts Michael…. I love your constant positive outlook on life…. very refreshing…. How can I not love aging? I get better at everything that is important to me; the more I grow and understand, the more beautiful the world becomes…..

    • Michael says:

      Hi gigoid, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Your comment is a wonderful and motivating inspiration to all of us – even for the younger ones as well. You have a great day gigoid. !!!

  11. willofheart says:

    I love your positive outlook of aging My friend, some are in denial in there age and afraid of having wrinkles and gray hair, But I heartily agree with you it is exciting looking forward for more coming years…

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There is a change in mindset these days. A paradigm shift that have a feel good factor for those growing old. I feel you are still young. So do the things you love to do now and keep excelling. !!!

  12. I wrote a blog about not so long ago, and the fear of getting old is something of the western society, when you look at tribes in africa or south-america the old are considered very wise and treated with respect. Getting older has a lot of advantages and the outer shell says nothing about the inner beauty. Great post, tnx.

  13. Hi Michael!
    I love how you remind us that growing old really does have the advantage of the time it talked to grow and learn. As I creep up to 40, I have FINALLY learned that as we age we have the opportunity to SEE that which is artificial to a good life, vs. that which is important and authentic. You have expressed it perfectly in this post. Thanks for posting some words from http://lifewithhiccups.wordpress.com/ .

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for the much valued visit and comment from your goodself. If, “the sixties are the new forties,” then, 40 is a very young age.Coupled with the wisdom you now have, I should say, “You are very wise, young lady, LWH.” Have a great day at work and God Bless.

  14. Jane Thorne says:

    Hello Michael I have earned my wrinkles and crinkles and I hold love, hope and youth in my heart. I didn’t start writing till I was 50 now there’s no stopping me. Age is only a barrier if we let it be so and I look as I am and this is me! x

    • Michael says:

      Hi Jane, Thanks for leaving a word behind. I am surprise with what I read. My guess was you are in your mid-thirties at the most. You look youthful. So true beauty does not destroy by age is right. You have a great day and Blessings. !!!

      • Jane Thorne says:

        You charming man, I can’t tell you how touched I am, thank you and have a great day yourself x

        • Michael says:

          Jane, I just got out of bed and saw your first comment. At first I did not believe what I read. But, since this comes from your goodself, this have to be true. I am very surprise with your age honestly. You look great with true beauty. Cheers. !!!

  15. Inga Hel says:

    This is such a good writing Michael, I totally agree with you. Thank you.

    • Michael says:

      In fact I must thank you Inga because you allowed me to highlight the wisdom you shared with me. Have a great day and God Bless.

  16. Vacant Musings.... says:

    Excellent blog, you are as old as you feel. Its just a shame people out there judge a person on a number.

    • Michael says:

      Hi, Welcome to “Have A Dream” and many thanks for sharing your insight with us. You have a great day and Blessings. !!!

  17. loved this article and all of your articles – they’re uplifting and in today’s case, very timely – age really is just a number, it’s the lessons we gather along the way that matter.

    • Michael says:

      I agree, the lessons we gathered as we grow. This is wonderful. Have a great day and keep enjoying life. Regards. !!!

  18. Michael, Thank your liking my blog. The admiration is mutual. I couldn’t agree more with your statement, “As we age, we grow. We learn.” Well said!

  19. Arlene says:

    Hello Michael, I decided to pop along and see what you write about after you came be my blog. The subject or ageing sort of touched a nerve, I see many of your respondents appear to be around their 40’s, my daughters are older than that :-). Anyhow, on ageing, it’s not the ageing process itself that bothers people when they get past 70, it’s more the thought that they may be alone or in pain when they get to the end of the road, at least that’s my take on it. I’m in my 70’s but many in fact most of my friends are in their 50’s, I’m fortunately in good health and fit, but it’s alwasy at the back of your mind, ‘what’s it gonna be like when the end comes’ but like all sensible people I don’t dwell on it, but it’s there and the older you get more so. well I’ve rambled on enough, bye and thanks for liking my little blog.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Arlene, Welcome to “Have A Dream” and leaving your insight. All that you have mentioned is certainly very true. I do know of people older than me and I share their thoughts and anxieties. Meanwhile, good health and God Bless.

  20. Subhan Zein says:

    “Growing older does not necessarily mean that it is time to sit back in our comfort zone. Growing old means that as we age, we grow. We learn. We discover new passions. New things that excite us and new wisdom. Unfortunately, the sad truth is, fear rob us our courage, enthusiasm and hope.” I loved this paragraph! So true!

    Thank you for sharing, my friend! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  21. There is no comparison to inner beauty. It is by far more precious then having outer beauty and being evil and mean; or being uncaring to others; or not having the ability to love or open your heart to someone who is not beautiful. It isn’t anything I would want. I think every line or wrinkle represents a life well lived through hardship and happiness.
    Blessings … Isadora

    • Michael says:

      Thank You Isadora for the valued insight. It’s very true. I wish what you have just mentioned will awake and enlighten those who believe otherwise. Meanwhile, I trust that you are enjoying your weekend wisely. Regards !!!

  22. Rivka David says:

    Michael, firstly thank you for being such a regular reader and liker on my blog 🙂 it’s so appreciated – as you know.

    On the subject of growing older with grace, you know I do intend to (when the time comes:-) ). It will be interesting though – you know pretty much all the women I know dye their hair … when the time comes I’m intending to go grey (though I may change my mind – never say never). People think I’m crazy when I tell them this, but somehow I can’t imagine myself fussing about with toxic chemicals and applying them to my hair on a regular basis … whatever for, just to pretend to be something I’m not? I do know a few women who have gracefully greyed and they look good in it! I think it’s sad that so many people in our world have to change their appearance -‘put their face on’ etc etc just to feel like ‘themselves’. I’d rather be a WYSIWYG person. Besides, the Queen went grey … if its good enough for her, its good enough for me!

    Thank you for a thought provoking post!

    • Michael says:

      Hi Rivka, I love your comment. Going grey is acceptable if you are not consciously concerned with the views of those around you. I love your WYSIWYG concept. No pretence and no pressure. Great wisdom Rivka. I believe life is more comfortable that way. Regards!!!

      • Rivka David says:

        Thank you Michael – you know what, it’s time people reevaluated their views anyway imho. This world has just become so external. So many things seem to be based on how things look, regardless of what they’re like inside … aren’t you tired of it? I know I am. Let’s start a revolution!

  23. Rivka David says:

    You too, Michael 🙂

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