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Do You Have What It Takes ……..?

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~ Anais Nin.

I got out of bed this Friday morning with a blogger’s block – loss of ideas on what I should be posting. The sun is not up yet. Or, could some dark clouds overshadowed it? I have been going through the valued comments made by my visitors for almost an hour. Hoping some ideas may help unblock my blogger’s block ………………… We like taking up difficult challenges, don’t we? Like the heroes we admire and not cowards who are so versatile when it comes to flip flop, cave in or compromise on their values.

All of us have our share of setbacks, trouble and pain. Indeed, such are the stuff of life. And, along the process, many of us choose to give up or quit. Some even end up getting  towed. And some choose to stand tall and courageously face whatever life throws at them ……………. Courage is an amazing thing. It help us deal with whatever life throws at us – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Have you ever reach beyond to care or share and help some others do and dare?

Have you ever reach beyond to test your limit or do you tell yourself, “I am timid?”

We learn from what we see ………. Anger invite anger and love invite love. As such, we need courage to face the places in our lives where we have been emotionally and psychologically broken. Or, …………..

Are we getting anywhere if we keep pretending that all is well when it is not?

Are we supposed to trick our minds we are living in Wonderland especially when we are camping outside the gates of hell and not the gates of heaven?

Sometimes we allow the toxic emotions inside us to build up gradually. Instead, the way forward is to address and start taking responsibility for our own action and attitude because some areas in our lives are beyond a quick fix or if any one solution fits all, will ever work. The quality of our life and happiness is determined by our attitude and the choices we make – both courageous and ethical.

Do not run through life avoiding your emotional pain. It will keep haunting you. Courage is simply doing what is right in spite of being afraid. It is this amazing and healthy link that will help us to live well. Once again, the sun have finally emerged from the dark clouds and my blogger’s block seem to have disappeared as well. It takes courage to admit and not play the blame game especially when things are not right with you. But, do you really have what it takes, I mean the courage to effectively curb and face the daily noise of your life?

Meanwhile, have another beautiful and happy weekend !!!


  1. very very good and yep I get bloggers block some times. Bless ya heaps Anthony.

  2. bigron42 says:

    I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    A muse is a muse is a muse,
    Its ideas we cannot refuse;
    To do so is bad,
    Please don’t make her mad,
    Cause she has a rather short fuse.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

    • Michael says:

      Hi, You see, you are always welcome here. And your thoughts appreciated. Thanks for the limerick and God Bless.

  3. artfulanxiety says:

    You’re right. I always feel a lot better when I take action rather than let it sit in my mind for days and days.

    • Michael says:

      Taking the bull by the horns is always a better approach than just assuming that you are in Wonderland, avoiding real issues that affects your life and those around you. You have a great weekend and God Bless.

  4. gigoid says:

    Michael…. I love how you always wind your way around to a positive point, no matter how dark you start out… 🙂 Don’t ever lose that habit, my friend, it protects you probably more than you know….. and lets you take the bad and turn it around so it is just another proof of the good…. take care….

    • Michael says:

      Hi, Thank You for the positive feedback gigoid. It means a lot to me when it comes from your goodself. You have a pleasant evening and take care too. Regards !!!

  5. orples says:

    Are we supposed to trick our minds we are living in Wonderland especially when we are camping outside the gates of hell and not the gates of heaven?
    People sometimes get too wrapped up in themselves emotionally. Sometimes we have to come up for air, look around, and be sure we are on the right path. If you’re have internal conflict paper and pencil oft time help to sort thoughts, too. Sometimes listing the pros and cons of a given situation, helps. 🙂

  6. Momma E. says:

    Its still Thursday Night here! I had bloggers block yesterday and did what you did – asked for suggestions. I’ve had a very productive 24+ hours writing wise since acting on some of those suggestions! Thank you for being out there, and being positive. Enjoy the weekend – its beautiful here, hope it is where you are as well – but if not – i know you will find a way to make it so! Best, Donna

  7. terry1954 says:

    interesting, although the journey of facing a fear or rejection or whatever the obstacle is can be a scary thing…………great writings

  8. bcwriter29 says:

    Hello Michael, I can truly appreciate this nicely written article. I know how life can through some curbs, but I’m always the one who grabs the bull by the horns. It’s the
    fighter in me, I’ve experienced many unbelievable things in life, but I’ve overcome and adapted my life. I can honestly say that I’ve achieved in many ways and I continue to forge forward to attain as much success as I can in this lifetime . . . Because this is all the time I have left. Keep up the writing and maybe we can share a shelf in Barnes and Noble, someday soon 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for an inspirational insight my friend. It’s really wonderful to have you sharing your experience here. Stay great and God Bless.

      • bcwriter29 says:

        Hello Michael, It’s been a while, hope all is well. I’ve been blogging more frequently and I’m really enjoying it. You have a wonderful day . . . The sky’s’ the limit!

  9. From time to time we reach those points. I take a little time to rest and sit quietly. I think that is very difficult for most people to do. They have to be busy or multi-tasking. The young people will suffer the most with their inability to sit quietly and listen to the wind.
    A thoguth provoking post. Thank you ,, Michael. It is thursady night here but you have a fantastic restful weekend.

  10. Have a great Friday Michael!

  11. evea192 says:

    Nicely put, true words we need to live by, but we don`t.

  12. Kris Kennedy says:

    Doesn’t sound like a writer’s block to me…so much good said…and understood. Your words are so genuine.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Kris, Welcome and thanks for the valued comment. Delighted to note you enjoyed my writing. Have another wonderful day Kris !!!

  13. You have an excellent point. When my mother-in-law developed senile dementia, I found visiting her challenging. She lost her ability to speak, so being present with her meant that I had to be present with her without chit-chat to fall back on. She needed help with feeding and walking – something I’d never done before. I was extremely uncomfortable with it all in the beginning. I had to talk myself into every visit. But with time I not only became quite comfortable with it, but found it to be one of the most valuable personal growth experiences of my life. Sometimes the things we want to avoid the most ultimately provide us with the best for us.

    • Michael says:

      Many thanks for sharing your experience with us. I love the way you conclude your comment – it inspires and encourage others to venture out of the box and their comfort zone. Have a wonderful day !!!

  14. Open Up Life says:

    I had bloggers block yesterday. Instead of worrying about what I was going to post, I occuppied myself with something else and came back to it. Whenever I read your posts, it is sometimes hard for me to believe that you have bloggers block because the words of inspiration just fow from you.

    Thanks for sharing and thank you for the ‘like’ on my post “Light Prevails…’
    Have a peaceful and joyous weekend!

  15. Coach Sue says:

    I’m all about courage Michael. Thanks for your post. It reminds me of my own post
    Courageous Acts http://couragetoadventurecoaching.wordpress.com/2010/07/01/courageous-acts/

    Sue Bock

    • Michael says:

      Hi Coach Sue, It’s great to hsve your goodsrlf here. Thanks for the valued comment and have a great day.

  16. blbh says:

    nice post

    do visit mine


  17. irenelefort says:

    Not bad, for somone with a blogger’s block. 🙂

  18. e1aine says:

    Your posts always make me think. Thank you.

  19. bcwriter29 says:

    Hello Mike, Isn’t it nice to know you’ve made a difference! 🙂 Keep up the inspiration and your writers blocks will eventually go away!

  20. nenskei says:

    So.. this is what Michael’s thoughts when he’s having his blogger’s block!
    I’m not running nor avoiding those tho, just skipping sometimes..trying to find a time to face them all.

  21. Such good points taken, Michael – and so much I have taught, myself, over the years.
    “Are we getting anywhere if we keep pretending that all is well when it is not?”
    For one such as myself who ‘feels too much,’ I have rambled around with this thought more than you can imagine. And yet I’ve decided I’m going to have a better attitude, come what may. Without any denial of emotions or dark places, I’ve chosen to incorporate a brighter outlook. Which sometimes means to ‘fake it until I make it’ – because cynicism (not despair – that is rare) becomes habitual.
    Lots to think about in this post. I’d say you found your topic just fine – consider yourself unblocked! 🙂

    • Michael says:

      You are helping me to unblock myself with this comment of yours. Thanks for visiting and most importantly, leaving this valued comment for all of us. Warmest Wishes and God Bless.

  22. Coming from a family of deniers, I learned early on that looking away was not the answer. Also that an endless futile focus on new age philosophies wasn’t working either. After studying Jung in college, I realized we all have Shadow elements – it’s part of life on earth – the day turns to night and back to day (I think those words are in one of my posts somewhere!) – we are each and all capable of the greatest kindness and the worst atrocity (I’ve given the example that, should I discover someone seriously harming one of my kids, I cannot say what I might do). So I’ve discovered that the best thing is to acknowledge my small daily forays into darkness and light, and try and balance them by giving neither too much energy (where we place our focus draws more of ‘it’ to us … or so says quantum mechanics). While striving for happiness and joyful service, I don’t try and negate my anger or my disappointments – though I do try not to focus too much on them, thereby granting them more power over my best intentions.

    It is with this in mind that, when I find myself dipping low into fear or anxiety, after first acknowledging the source of those feelings, I try and smile and see the beauty that surrounds me, even if I don’t feel very positive. (This is what I mean by ‘fake it ’til you make it.’) Or I reach out to help someone else besides myself – that often works miracles by granting me perspective. Also, and certainly not to be in the least diminished by the previous comments, the fact that Nature is always there, “perennial as the grass.” It’s like tethering myself to a manifest god/goddess – the balm that Nature provides which has always comforted me in the darkest of inner times. Even in certain spiritual texts, we see examples of saints or learned ones going to a sacred grove to pray. Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree. And so on. There’s something there, I think, in connecting our roots with those of Mother Earth, taking us back to the only thing that is real – that Source of life which animates us all – that Mystery from which we emerged and to which we shall undeniably return.

  23. Beautiful article.
    Have a great day my friend. 🙂

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