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Living Successfully ……


“Treat a man as he is
and he will remain as he is.
Treat a man as he could be
and should be and he will become
as he could be and should be.”
~ Johann von Goethe.

Anyone can be happy when circumstances are wonderful but joy is different. Joy is proactive happiness. It is not difficult to find successful and powerful people around us today……………… I believe there are potentially a lot more ordinary men and women who have yet to take on a big battle in their lives or deemed successful and powerful. 

When we think deeply about the person we intend to become, we sensitize ourselves to the change we must make to bring it about. It doesn’t matter what our role in life is or what we are doing as a living at this moment. So long as we are living and breathing, we too can be living successfully and powerfully – the outer image or picture the world sees in us ………..

Strive to excel in every task you are engaged in, every time. Give your best shot without any questioning or complaint. Just focus on delivering an excellent job.

Have a “Never Give Up” attitude. Don’t quit, no matter what the circumstances are. Remember, quitters never succeed and successful people never quit.

Be honest. Be open. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. 

Be respectful in all situations. Honor respect. Be mindful of boundaries – those of yours and others. 

Be confident in standing and supporting your personal beliefs.

Inspire. The ability to inspire is within all of us. Develop it. And strive to make a difference it the lives of others. 

Be willing to share to your talents, skills and knowledge with others. In moving forward; Trust, Collaboration, Complement and Co-operation are the new buzz words.

Imagine, …………………… imagine yourself with these new habits. Visualize the new you – making better choices and enjoying the rewards of your new habits to living successfully and powerfully. 

Blessings …….. and have a great, new month !!!



  1. nenskei says:

    I am happy! 😀
    I’m keeping in mind….. “mindful of boundaries!”

  2. Thanks Michael. Imagine…positive…..yes, I think I can do that! Blessings!


    Some really great work you are doing here. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. May God bless you and keep you strong as you work towards your purpose and move swiftly towards your destination.

  4. Inspirational..Thank you,

    and thank you for liking my humble blog…:)

    • Michael says:

      Thank You Vighnesh. You have a great day and make a difference in the life of those you know. Blessings !!!

  5. orples says:

    I think a lot of employers would be wise to heed your advice, Michael. It is a fact that a happy employee is a productive employee. Of course, the advice in your post is true in general, as well, but I have seen so many people that could care less about their work quality, because their efforts have gone unappreciated. Nice share on your part, for sure. 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Hi Orples, I love your thought. Generally applicable whether one is an employer or being employed. The first foot forward is empowering. Have a pleasant evening my friend.

      • orples says:

        You do the same Michael, although I suspect in your case, it should be ‘have a great day!’. 🙂

        • Michael says:

          So far it has been a rainy morning Orples. Hopefully, after the rain has gone, I can see better ……… Regards !!!

          • orples says:

            I welcome the rain, when we get it here. I’m not so torn to be outdoors. I love being outside on a sunny day, but get little work done inside, as a result. 😦 . I’m bad. LOL. You must be getting some seriously heavy rain where you are to effect vision dramatically. How are your eyes doing since your surgery?

            • Michael says:

              We were informed that we will be having some dry and hazy days in the coming months. My vision is not table. but, no complaining, it could have been worse ……… I am afraid to imagine Orples. Have a pleasant evening and …… sweet dreams when the time comes !!!

  6. katyarich says:

    Very inspiring words, it’s a great advice and a good away to start my day with positive thoughts. Have a wonderful April also.:)

  7. sukhvirk150 says:

    Wonderful post, thank you for this great advice and inspiration we can apply today!

    One question regarding quitting. I’ve heard from people who I look up to that part of the reason they were able to focus on their work so much is that they learned to say no or quit things that were simply distracting from their main goal and thus could spend much more energy doing an excellent job at a few things.

    What are your thought?

    • Michael says:

      I may have to clarify perhaps. The “quitting” I mean are giving
      up on what we have set out to achieve. Our intended action. Regards.

  8. lattegirl says:

    Strive to excel in every task you are engaged in – thanks for the reminder.

  9. Michael, you are an amazing human being!

    This comment is just for fun. http://currierose.wordpress.com tagged me, and now I am tagging you. You can either choose “Not It” or go to http://influenceversuscontrol.wordpress.com/about for the game rules.

    Have fun!

  10. Really good and bless you in Jesus love Anthony.

  11. Chooksta says:

    Tag, you’re it! I’ve tagged you to play a question and answer game! Check my latest blog post for the details!

  12. eof737 says:

    Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

  13. “Joy is proactive happiness.” This is simple brilliance, Michael. I can see this clearly. We can become ‘happy’ in response to people and in response to actions and events. But, I do feel as though there is MORE to feeling joy. I feel like we ACHIEVE joy, we have to work a bit to create joy. This is where the proactive comes in. We need to be mindful and like you have said, “…sensitize ourselves to the change we must make to bring it about.” Experiencing joy is a privelage. We can all reach it so long as we are ready to give to others and engage in life! Thanks again Michael!!

  14. Roxi says:

    Michael, I just nominated your blog for the sunshine blog award! 🙂 check it out here: http://roxiciopei.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/the-sunshine-award/

  15. This is such an uplifting post! It’s beautifully written and makes me want to live life more 😀

  16. fantastic post. loved the quote you added. yes, tenacity is good for human soul, life.

  17. willofheart says:

    that is very positive, excellent post.

  18. Jane Thorne says:

    Dear Michael, heartfelt and wise words…live with love, kindness and respect. You have to imagine where you are to bring that into being now … love to you x

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